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Year 8 of homeschool, new small shop and other news

Hello, my lovelies! September has passed by and we are officially in autumn! This month we have started the new school year of ‘year 8’ in our homeschool, I have been very busy behind the scenes which is the reason why there have been fewer blog posts than normal lately and we ventured to Thorpe park for Chloe’s belated birthday pressie. 

Starting a new homeschool year

So we are back to homeschool and having fun learning about volcanoes for our first topic to kick off year 8. It has been a lot of fun and the best part was making our own volcano and erupting it! Faith loved it and it takes a lot to get Faith excited when ‘learning’!

As in the UK, Faith would be in year eight, I have made things a bit more difficult, as last year we were still getting into the swing of things. Although, saying that, we still have loads of fun too! I paid for a Twinkl membership back in February when they had a great discount for a year’s access and it has been really helpful as they have lessons that are being taught in school on there so we have been doing the sinister stories lessons.

I decided to do these with Faith as I wanted to see if she could manage them after I have been homeschooling her for nearly two years, as I sometimes worry that I am not doing enough for her. She has done really well with them and she said that she has actually enjoyed it as I explain things to her better than they did at school, which is lovely. 

On top of our topic work and the aforementioned English literature, we have also been continuing our Spanish, silent reading sessions, read alouds, Pot luck sheets, and Maths. For PE Faith enjoys doing a lot of ‘Just Dance’ at the moment. I do not mind what she does as long as she is moving and getting her blood pumping! 

We have had a really lovely start to this homeschool year and are now moving on to our next topic. 

Collage of a volcano being made
Our favourite homeschool activity for the volcanoes topic

Working behind the scenes 

So regular readers may have noticed that there have been fewer blog posts than normal lately. I have always been consistent in averaging at least three new blog posts each week but lately that has significantly dropped. All is well and will soon be returning to normal but I have been really busy working on things that I can now talk about.  

Small handmade shop

I now have a very small section of handmade goods available to buy in the shop part of the blog.  There are necklaces and then of course some anime-themed items too. I am using resin to make my crafts and also branching out into other jewelry making supplies. 

I do not have a huge amount of time so items will be added as and when I make them. If you are interested in knowing when new items appear in the shop, just sign up for my newsletter to keep in the loop. I do not know how successful this will be but I would rather try and fail than never try at all! 

Free 8 week course

Another thing that I have launched this month is my new free course ‘8 weeks to a happier you‘. This is 100% free and is all about me passing on the tools and knowledge which helped me improve my confidence and feel so much happier. It is also packed full of support to help you along the way. If you would like to sign up there is still time so click here and sign up!

I planned the whole course and what I would need to do for it to be as successful as possible but I did not want to make it all in case no one signed up! People signed up the day I launched so I have been very busy making all of the parts of the course so that it will hopefully run as smoothly as possible!

8 weeks to a happier you course. 100% free

What I’ve been watching

I have not watched a huge amount of TV this month for a change! We have started having a weekly family TV night every Tuesday as we had not really been spending any time together as a family of late. We also have a game night which I will talk about later. 

For our family nights

If there is a TV show which we all like to watch together, then this is the night that we watch it. If we do not have a tv show to watch or we want to watch something else afterwards then we will watch a film. We all wrote names of films which we wanted to watch on pieces of paper which are in a pot and then we pull one out like a lucky dip and whichever one comes out is the one we will watch. 

So, the TV show which we have been watching together is Britain’s Got Talent which we have really been enjoying. There are some great acts so it will be interesting to see which one wins. We have also watched two films. As luck would have it, they were both my choices!

Frozen two

I finally got to see the second Frozen film and it did not disappoint. There were some really good songs in the film and as with all Disney films, it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy! We watched it on Disney+.

Time Freak

We watched this one on Netflix. It is about a teenage boy who is dumped by his girlfriend and builds a time machine to try and change the events which led to the breakup. It is really funny and we all enjoyed it, although the ending is a little bit of a letdown. 

Other things I have been watching.

Apart from family night TV, I have not really watched a huge amount myself. I have continued watching RuPaul’s drag race and Prodigal son.  I am up to the start of season ten for RuPaul and I am still loving it! As for Prodigal son, I think that is my absolute favourite show to watch at the moment. I have also been enjoying the new season of Wentworth which we have been watching since it started five or six years ago. 

The rest of my news

We went to Thorpe Park as we had originally booked the trip for Chloe’s 21st birthday present back in early June but of course, it had to be moved. You can read more about that experience in my review post which I have already written on the blog. 

As I mentioned earlier, we have also been having a regular family game night each week. Every Wednesday we play a game and as with the films, we have written all of our board games and computer games and put them into a pot and then we pull one out and play what it says. So far we have played darts and 221B Bakers street

Having those two set nights each week ensures that we always get some quality time together, so it works well for us at the moment. 

September is also our wedding anniversary month so we enjoyed a lovely evening celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. 

Me and Darren
My true love!

That is all my news for the month of September. I hope that you have had a lovely September too. 

My aims for October are to enjoy my 40th birthday, successfully run my free course, and carry on enjoying life so let’s hope it all happens!

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