Word of the week – frustrating!

This week has been a frustrating week which has been well, frustrating! I have been having problems with my uni application which I did mention on a previous post and I am currently waiting for responses from various people and until I get those responses there is literally nothing that I can do, which I find extremely frustrating as I am a very proactive type of person and I am also very impatient and knowing there are deadlines looming for applications and financing decisions etc it has been one of those weeks that I really do not like.

I am also feeling very frustrated with darling hubby this week as well. I have made no secret on here that things have been very up and down in our marriage and things seemed to be improving earlier on in the year. I noticed that lately he had gone back to being cold and distant so rather then moan at him I thought that I would take the initiative and I made us a date night jar and we arranged to have a date together every other Friday so that every month we have a date out somewhere without the kids and every month we do something special at home once the kids are in bed. 

I have been making a real effort in the bedroom department also as that has been a running problem throughout our relationship. I think that he should show me more affection and love and that would then in turn make me want to have more sex and he thinks that if I gave him more sex then that would then in turn make him want to show me more affection and love. A very frustrating problem that we have been arguing over for the best part of 18 years! Anyway, I feel as if I have been making a lot of effort and what have I been given in return this last week? Every night he has either watched football or gone to bed at 8pm. There have been no hugs or kisses and he has been very angry and stressy with me which is making me very frustrated as I do not know where to go from here. If I ask him about it, I am apparently nagging at him and every conversation this week seems to have ended in an argument. 

Any advice on this problem would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss of what to do. I know that marriage and relationships take work and it can not all be hearts and flowers, but I can’t help but think that it shouldn’t be this hard! I try and look at things from his point of view but this time I can’t really see that he has a point other then a huge dislike towards me and it is very worrying.

Anyway on a lighter note, I have also been very frustrated this week by watching TV. I have been watching Big Brother and I am very behind as I as I have been watching from the sky planner but from what I have seen so far, I can not believe that grown adults would act like they have been. There has been so much bullying going on in there and I have been left screaming frustratingly at the TV every night this week! 

Here’s to hoping that next week is much improved or else I may just explode from all of this frustrating tension! 

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  1. says:
    Ah you poor thing it does sound really frustrating. I hate having to wait for other people when I just want to get on and sort something out so I can completely understand that. I wish I could offer some advice about you and your hubby I really do, other than talking about it, which he doesn't seem to want to do :/ Our marriage isn't perfect, I don't think anyone's is, and you guys have been together a lot longer than us so it is difficult to compare. I hope you find a solution that works for you both though I really do! As for big brother, I can't bear to watch it anymore as I hate the behaviour of the people on their - maybe cut that frustration out of your life and don't watch it anymore! :) xx (Caroline - http://becomingastayathomemum.com )
  2. says:
    I feel really bad for you and hope you managed to get things sorted soon. I'm sorry I don't have any helpful advice regarding your situation with your husband and as I'm currently not in a relationship I don't feel justified in offering any but I would say that maybe if you feel like you can't talk to him without him feeling like you are nagging just write down all of your worries and concerns so he can read read them and it may also help give you a little perspective on things too. Good luck xx #wotw
  3. says:
    Oh no! It has been a frustrating week for you.....I hope things are better for you soon!
    I've been watching Big Brother too....Love it! Helen is such a cow though x
  4. says:
    Thanks Caroline :-)
  5. says:
    Writing things down is a great idea, thanks Tracey xx
  6. says:
    Thanks Kim and I totally agree about Helen! xx
  7. says:
    Oh love, hugs winging there way to you. I'm not surprised you're feeling frustrated. I don't have a magic answer unfortunately, as I too, have gone through similar situations with my hubby. Except I sound more like your husband... a bit distant and grumpy. He told me that I acted like I didn't like him. We're much better now, but that's down to communication and lots of honest talks. I keep things bottled up, worries, work stuff and I took it all out on him, without realising it half the time. You do take it on the ones you love...
    I hope you can talk to each other without arguing and find a solution. xx
  8. Oh, this does all sound so frustrating. I'm terrible if I have to wait on others, too, so can totally relate to that. I wish I could help with marital advice, too, though perhaps Tracey's advice will help, as writing things down can offer great perspectives. I stopped watching Big Brother many series ago, as it used to wind me up, too! I do hope next week is less frustrating for you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW
  9. says:
    Sorry it's been so frustrating for you. I hate having to wait on other people so you can get stuff sorted for a deadline. So it's understandable your frustrated. I can't help with marriage stuff because I have only been married a year and you seem to be doing the stuff I would recommend already. I can't stand big brother anymore because of the reasons you mentioned. It just so infuriating to watch. #wotw
  10. Anonymous says:
    Am I bad to think that its nice to know someone who is having a bit of problem in the marriage side. I am. I am so frustrated with my husband as well but I cant moan a lot as my mother reads the blog and I feel that i am letting her down if I will talk about it there. Hopefully things will be less frustrating for you next week =) #wotw
  11. says:
    Thank you for your comments :-) xx
  12. says:
    Thanks hun :-) xx
  13. says:
    Thanks for your comments Nicola :-)
  14. says:
    Not at all, hard isn't it? Don't feel like your letting anyone down, life can be hard sometimes and all marriages go through rough patches. Thanks for you comment :-)
  15. says:
    Oh, that does sound like a horribly frustrating week Denise. I absolutely hate it when I have to wait for someone else to do something, too much of a control freak :) Others have offered very sensible advice, hope that things start to improve x

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