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Witchcraft through the ages: Homeschool topic

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We have been learning about witchcraft in our homeschool and thought that we would share our ideas to help inspire others who also find this topic interesting. It is a great topic as it covers so much. It touches on history, persecution, law and policy, feminism, and religion. Then, of course, you can get creative and all written work is English so it is a good varied topic. My homeschool topics can usually be adapted for any age but this topic is for teenagers as the content and themes are not really suitable for young children. 

Free printable

I have made some sheets that can be printed and cut out which we used when learning about witchcraft which you are welcome to grab from my freebie library.

If you have never been to my freebie library then you will need a password which you get from signing up for my newsletter. You are of course free to unsubscribe at any time.  

free witchcraft printable


  • Learn about the timeline of witchcraft.
  • Explore the Europe witch trials
  • Learn about the Salem witch trials
  • Make Pentagram inspired art
  • Learn about modern witchcraft – Wicca/Pagans
  • Bake fruit pies and top with pastry pentagrams
  • Learn about tarot cards
  • Learn about candle magic
  • Have a go at a witchcraft themed escape room challenge.
  • Make a book of shadows
  • Play games that are witch-themed such as Hocus Pocus.

Useful books

Witchcraft book for children

A book called the salem witch trials

Wicca book, pentagram, witchcraft

A book called Wicca book of crystal spells

Good to watch

Useful websites

Pentagram, symbol for witchcraft
Pentagram art with watercolours by Faith aged 12

How we got on

It has been a really interesting topic. It was chosen by Faith who has recently become interested in the idea of witchcraft. I think that she was a little disappointed to discover that modern witchcraft is very nature-based rather than the ideas you see on TV where with a wave of a wand everything in the room starts dancing around and putting itself away! 

It was interesting looking back at the witch trials and the oppression those poor women were under back then. Great to see how much the world has moved on, especially for women’s rights. We enjoyed lots of art using symbols from Wicca and even tried a few rituals as well! It is actually a really wide subject so we also learned a lot about crystals, herbs, and tumble stones.

We still have one more week to go as it is currently half term. I have made an escape room puzzle for Faith to try. If it goes well then I will write about it and add a link on here. 


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