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  1. Donna Caldwell says:
    The little diary perfect for my daughter keeping track of everything
    1. dj_star80 says:
      That's my favourite too :-)
  2. lesley renshaw says:
    The pug stationery set x
  3. Susan Lloyd says:
    I love the diary, perfect for my daughter x
  4. Kevin000 says:
    My granddaughters would love the gel pens!
  5. Susan B says:
    The gel pens look particularly appealing and useful.
  6. Tracy Nixon says:
    The pug stationery set x
  7. Susan Trubey says:
    Stationery set
  8. says:
    My Granddaughter would love the gel pens for her school work
  9. Alice Dixon says:
    I like the diary best, perfect for keeping organised
  10. Margaret Clarkson says:
    I like all the items but my favourite are the gel pens.
  11. G Keegan says:
    The gel pens.
  12. Allan Wilson says:
    The 5 piece stationery set is the perfect colour for my niece.
  13. Kim Neville says:
    I like the pug stationery set
  14. Catherine Stewart says:
    Academic diary as I work in a university!
  15. Lyndsey says:
    Love the mermaid diary
  16. Sandra Fortune says:
    The gel pens my grandson loves them
  17. Emma C says:
    The mermazing diary
  18. Rebecca Brown says:
    The pug stationery set - how adorable is that!
  19. Joanne Billington says:
    The gel pens would be fab for my kids
  20. Pam Francis Gregory says:
    The Diary would be wonderful!
  21. Lucinda Fortune says:
    I like the pug stationary set
  22. Sheena Batey says:
    The gel pens I love gel pens
  23. Angie McDonald says:
    I love the 'Mermazing' book!
  24. katie says:
    I love the diary. And I would keep it for myself!
  25. greig alan james spencer says:
    The pug stationery set FOR MY NIECE
  26. Christina Palmer says:
    The stationary set 5 pieces
  27. Nicola Marshall says:
    I love the diary, my daughter would love it.
  28. Kerry Wild says:
    The diary
  29. Cat says:
    Gel pens look amazing
  30. Caron Twyman says:
    My favourite is the gel pens. Thanks ?
  31. Sean Eccles says:
    The mermaid diary for my daughter
  32. Karen Brookes says:
    Love the gel pens
  33. Leanne Hansell says:
    My favourite item is the diary.
  34. Joo Dee says:
    the pencil case is very jazzy!
  35. Sally Collingwood says:
    Love the gel pens the best!!
  36. Lorna Ledger says:
    My Niece and Nephew love gel pens so hopefully they would share
  37. Maggie Ali says:
    My daughter loves the diary. She is a very organized girl who keeps track of everything..... and I mean everything ;)
  38. Annabel Greaves says:
    My daughter loves the mermazing book
  39. valerie cooper says:
    Like the gel pens
  40. Chris Andrews says:
    What is your favourite item from the bundle the diary though my grandsons have their eyes on the gel pens
  41. Lucy says:
    The gel pens!
  42. Claire Holtey says:
    StationEry, spelling does matter
  43. Sue McCarthy says:
    The gel pens
  44. Tina says:
    Ooooh I really like the gel pens. I find them really comfortable to write with
  45. Solange says:
    The gel pens.
  46. Sheila McKenna says:
    The granddaughter would absolutely love this
  47. Dale Dow says:
    The mermaid diary is definitely my favourite. Fingers crossed x
  48. Pam Hubbard says:
    I love the diary great for my grandaughter x
  49. Deb Pettit says:
    I love the gel pens
  50. Michelle Ferguson says:
    I love the pug stationery set
  51. Helen Arlow says:
    The pug stationary set is super cute x
  52. Geri Gregg says:
    I'd share the prize with my young son but keep the diary for myself aha x
  53. Jade Hewlett says:
    I like the mermaid diary, it looks so pretty
  54. Isabell Whitenstall says:
    The diary is my favourite items.
  55. Candice Rau says:
    Love the mermaid diary ? my daughter would love this fab back to school bundle x
  56. Claire Bannerman says:
    Great bundle my niece would love it
  57. jules Eley says:
    I love the Gel pens!
  58. Hannah Wallington says:
    I love the gel pens
  59. stacey turner says:
    The mermazing notebook
  60. Ruth Harwood says:
    love that mega notebook - so amazing!!
  61. Natalie Turner says:
    The mermazing diary, my niece would love it!
  62. donna l jones says:
    The pug stationery set
  63. kimberley ryan says:
  64. says:
    I really love the pug stationery set :) x
  65. Amanda Baggott says:
    The gel pens
  66. Lindsey Stuart says:
    I love the Pug stationery set! How cute, My little girl adores pugs.
  67. JULIE WARD says:
    Grandson would love the gel pens best
  68. Michelle Henderson says:
    Love the gel pens
  69. Rachel Craig says:
    Diary, great for organising :- Time, appointments, exam dates, etc.
  70. Kim M says:
    Like the Gel Pens x
  71. Nicola S says:
    My daughter loves the gel pens and I love the diary!
  72. Susan Smith says:
    Has to be the Diary, every youngster loves a diary
  73. Priscilla Stubbs says:
    The diary is my favourite but my granddaughter loves the gel pens
  74. Charmaine Dance says:
    the pug stationary
  75. MichelleD says:
    I love the dog stationary!
  76. Natalie Crossan says:
    The gel pens x
  77. sheri Darby says:
    The Gel pens
  78. AnnaH says:
    The academic diary
  79. Sharon Hirst says:
    I like the Pug stationary set
  80. Corinne Peat says:
    I love the diary!
  81. Linda Savas says:
    Love the gel pens for my daughter
  82. maria blythin says:
    love the gel pens x
  83. Natalee Gosiewski says:
  84. adrian price says:
    The stationary set looks very practical,and very useful
  85. C Whitlow says:
    I love a new diary and I love that's a winner...but I also love pugs...and gel pens...but of course these wouldn't be for me...would have to give to my niece...wouldnt I? Hmmm.
  86. Bethany Molyneux says:
    The Mermazing diary!
  87. Jo m welsh says:
    Loving the mermaid diary
  88. Ray Becker says:
    The gel pens
  89. Suzanne Gaulton says:
    The diary - it's always my favourite stationery item of the year!
  90. Angela Kelly says:
    I love the diary! Everything is super-cute though, you've got to love new stationery.
  91. Carole Nott says:
    Perfect for my friend's daughter - lots of useful items
  92. Michelle Clare says:
    Gel pens
  93. Laura Banks says:
    the diary very handy
  94. KATHY D says:
    The lovely gel pens
  95. Adrian Crook says:
    Love the gel pens
  96. says:
    The pug stationery set
  97. Allan Fullarton says:
    The pug stationery set
  98. alice lightning says:
    lovely giveaway the writing pens look very nice ours always run out or get lost so very handy
  99. Michelle Cheeseman says:
    My Daughter will love the Mermazing diary!
  100. Rebecca Whatmore says:
    I love the different colour gel pens - they write so nicely and you can colour code!
  101. Jen o says:
    The gel pens look fantastic
  102. Joanne Robinson says:
    The note book
  103. Marie Rungapadiachy says:
    The gel pens are my favourite items in the bundle. My daughter loves them.
  104. Adrian Bold says:
    I like gel pens, so it would have to be the 4 pack.
  105. Aaron Milne says:
    Love GEL PENS !!
  106. Charlotte G says:
    I love the Mermaid diary!
  107. melanie stirling says:
    The diary,It would be very useful.
  108. Thomas Perry says:
    The stationary set is my fave it's super cute
  109. Louise Bennett says:
    Pug stationary
  110. Lisa Bell says:
    The diary
  111. Tamsin Dean says:
    Has to be the Gel Pens
  112. Ruth lee says:
    gel pens
  113. Lisa Tang says:
    The gel pens :-)
  114. Miss Tracy Hanson says:
    I would love to win for my great-niece and know she would love the PUG STATIONERY SET, thanks for the chance. The bundle is amazing.
  115. Elzbieta Znyk says:
    The gel pens.
  116. caroline kelly says:
    mermaid notebook
  117. Karen Howden says:
    Pug stationery set
  118. CAROL PATRICK says:
    The Meraid Diary, but all the items are lovely.
  119. Joyce W says:
    My grand daughter would love the pug stationery set
  120. Linda Ford says:
    The gel pens are great for my sons starting high school xx
  121. Zoe Trelfa-Porter says:
    Gel pens
  122. Alice Colling says:
    The mermazing diary
  123. says:
    Love gel pens
  124. Anita says:
    The gel pens that just glide on paper
  125. Lynn Neal says:
    My granddaughter would love the diary!
  126. Lisa smith says:
    The mermazing planner is my favourite <3
  127. becci cleary says:
    The Mermazing Planner
  128. Danielle Spencer says:
    I love the dog stationary set.
  129. melody cross says:
    The mermaid diary - my daughter would love it
  130. laura frost says:
    gel pens
  131. Simone Griffin says:
    I love the mermaizing diary x
  132. dana says:
    I like the gel pens
  133. Tina edwards says:
    i love the pug stationary set
  134. Kyomi Johnson says:
    Definitely the pug stationary set absolutely love it and so would my little niece
  135. andrea tinkler says:
    Love the gel pens. They always write lovely
  136. Hayley Elvin says:
    The year to be mermazing diary. My daughter would love that.
  137. Caroline Smith says:
    I love the diary - my eldest is just getting to the age where she wants to start a diary so would be perfect!
  138. Helen booth says:
    Can’t decide between the gel pens and mermaizing diary!
  139. Clare Parker says:
    Love ? the Diary xx
  140. Matt Brasier says:
    Gel Pens
  141. Lia Burns says:
    The mermaid diary for me. I love mermaids!
  142. john prendergast says:
    The pug stationery set
  143. paula cheadle says:
    I love the Diary best, but love them all
  144. Kirsty Greer says:
    My daughter would love the pug set x
  145. The sparkly raspberry notebook - is beautiful
  146. Jo Hutchings says:
    The gel pens look really pretty.
  147. Monika Bascombe says:
    gel pens
  148. Leanne Bell says:
    It’s got to be the notebook/diary. My memory is terrible at the best of times, so would be a great help.
  149. Jeanette Leighton says:
    The pug stationary set
  150. Nuala R says:
    Diary is my fav

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