151 thoughts on “Win a back to school stationary bundle

  1. My daughter loves the diary. She is a very organized girl who keeps track of everything..... and I mean everything ;)
  2. What is your favourite item from the bundle the diary though my grandsons have their eyes on the gel pens
  3. I love a new diary and I love mermaids...so that's a winner...but I also love pugs...and gel pens...but of course these wouldn't be for me...would have to give to my niece...wouldnt I? Hmmm.
  4. lovely giveaway the writing pens look very nice ours always run out or get lost so very handy
  5. I love the different colour gel pens - they write so nicely and you can colour code!
  6. I would love to win for my great-niece and know she would love the PUG STATIONERY SET, thanks for the chance. The bundle is amazing.
  7. I love the diary - my eldest is just getting to the age where she wants to start a diary so would be perfect!
  8. It’s got to be the notebook/diary. My memory is terrible at the best of times, so would be a great help.

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