151 thoughts on “Win a back to school stationary bundle

  1. The little diary perfect for my daughter keeping track of everything
    1. That's my favourite too :-)
  2. The pug stationery set x
  3. I love the diary, perfect for my daughter x
  4. My granddaughters would love the gel pens!
  5. The gel pens look particularly appealing and useful.
  6. The pug stationery set x
  7. I like the diary best, perfect for keeping organised
  8. I like all the items but my favourite are the gel pens.
  9. The 5 piece stationery set is the perfect colour for my niece.
  10. I like the pug stationery set
  11. Academic diary as I work in a university!
  12. The gel pens my grandson loves them
  13. The pug stationery set - how adorable is that!
  14. The gel pens would be fab for my kids
  15. The Diary would be wonderful!
  16. I like the pug stationary set
  17. The gel pens I love gel pens
  18. I love the 'Mermazing' book!
  19. I love the diary. And I would keep it for myself!
  20. The pug stationery set FOR MY NIECE
  21. The stationary set 5 pieces
  22. I love the diary, my daughter would love it.
  23. My favourite is the gel pens. Thanks 🍀
  24. The mermaid diary for my daughter
  25. My favourite item is the diary.
  26. the pencil case is very jazzy!
  27. Love the gel pens the best!!
  28. My Niece and Nephew love gel pens so hopefully they would share
  29. My daughter loves the diary. She is a very organized girl who keeps track of everything..... and I mean everything ;)
  30. My daughter loves the mermazing book
  31. What is your favourite item from the bundle the diary though my grandsons have their eyes on the gel pens
  32. StationEry, spelling does matter
  33. Ooooh I really like the gel pens. I find them really comfortable to write with
  34. The diary..my granddaughter would absolutely love this
  35. The mermaid diary is definitely my favourite. Fingers crossed x
  36. I love the diary great for my grandaughter x
  37. I love the pug stationery set
  38. The pug stationary set is super cute x
  39. I'd share the prize with my young son but keep the diary for myself aha x
  40. I like the mermaid diary, it looks so pretty
  41. The diary is my favourite items.
  42. Love the mermaid diary 💖 my daughter would love this fab back to school bundle x
  43. Great bundle my niece would love it
  44. I love the gel pens
  45. The mermazing notebook
  46. love that mega notebook - so amazing!!
  47. The mermazing diary, my niece would love it!
  48. The pug stationery set
  50. I love the Pug stationery set! How cute, My little girl adores pugs.
  51. Grandson would love the gel pens best
  52. Love the gel pens
  53. Diary, great for organising :- Time, appointments, exam dates, etc.
  54. My daughter loves the gel pens and I love the diary!
  55. Has to be the Diary, every youngster loves a diary
  56. The diary is my favourite but my granddaughter loves the gel pens
  57. the pug stationary
  58. I love the dog stationary!
  59. I like the Pug stationary set
  60. Love the gel pens for my daughter
  61. The stationary set looks very practical,and very useful
  62. I love a new diary and I love mermaids...so that's a winner...but I also love pugs...and gel pens...but of course these wouldn't be for me...would have to give to my niece...wouldnt I? Hmmm.
  63. The Mermazing diary!
  64. Loving the mermaid diary
  65. The diary - it's always my favourite stationery item of the year!
  66. I love the diary! Everything is super-cute though, you've got to love new stationery.
  67. Perfect for my friend's daughter - lots of useful items
  68. The pug stationery set
  69. lovely giveaway the writing pens look very nice ours always run out or get lost so very handy
  70. My Daughter will love the Mermazing diary!
  71. I love the different colour gel pens - they write so nicely and you can colour code!
  72. The gel pens are my favourite items in the bundle. My daughter loves them.
  73. I like gel pens, so it would have to be the 4 pack.
  74. I love the Mermaid diary!
  75. The diary,It would be very useful.
  76. The stationary set is my fave it's super cute
  77. Has to be the Gel Pens
  78. I would love to win for my great-niece and know she would love the PUG STATIONERY SET, thanks for the chance. The bundle is amazing.
  79. The Meraid Diary, but all the items are lovely.
  80. My grand daughter would love the pug stationery set
  81. The gel pens are great for my sons starting high school xx
  82. The gel pens that just glide on paper
  83. My granddaughter would love the diary!
  84. The mermazing planner is my favourite <3
  85. The Mermazing Planner
  86. I love the dog stationary set.
  87. The mermaid diary - my daughter would love it
  88. I love the mermaizing diary x
  89. i love the pug stationary set
  90. Definitely the pug stationary set absolutely love it and so would my little niece
  91. Love the gel pens. They always write lovely
  92. The year to be mermazing diary. My daughter would love that.
  93. I love the diary - my eldest is just getting to the age where she wants to start a diary so would be perfect!
  94. Can’t decide between the gel pens and mermaizing diary!
  95. Love 💖 the Diary xx
  96. The mermaid diary for me. I love mermaids!
  97. The pug stationery set
  98. I love the Diary best, but love them all
  99. My daughter would love the pug set x
  100. The gel pens look really pretty.
  101. It’s got to be the notebook/diary. My memory is terrible at the best of times, so would be a great help.
  102. The pug stationary set

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