Which TV tribe do you belong to?

Talk talk have designed a fun clever quiz that you can take to see which of the eight TV tribes you belong to. It is just a few quick questions about your TV habits and at the end you get told which tribe you belong to, along with a description of the tribe. If you would like to find out which tribe you belong to then you can do so here.

I took the test and my result was: The family guy!
Here is what it said.
‘We always watch TV as a family, everyone has their own seat, and we routinely watch the same shows week after week. Television is part of our life, part of our routine, and we can’t imagine life without it. We watch all the big weekend shows together, and eat our meals in front of the television usually. We’re just like those families on the TV show Gogglebox.’    

The results were right about a few things but not completely right! We do watch TV as a family and look forward to watching shows each week although we never eat in front of the TV and I could live without TV if I had to!

We really enjoy watching movies together as a family and we like to discuss the movie once we have watched it. We also love to watch shows like ‘Strictly come dancing’, ‘Dancing on ice’ and ‘the biggest looser’. We like to pick out our favourite contestants and watch each week to see how they get on. It is a nice way to spend an evening especially in the cold dark winter months.

A lot of people seem ashamed that they watch TV or let their children watch TV but I think that like most things in life as long as the TV is used in moderation then there is no harm done and it is a great way to spend some time and spark some conversation between family members and for myself when I want to relax and do nothing there is nothing better then curling up on the sofa to watch my most favourite TV show ‘The vampire diaries’.

This is my entry into the Talk Talk/Tots100 blogging challenge. More details of this challenge can be found on the Tots100 website.


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