Where to stash the presents!

During the run-up to Christmas, we have a lot of pressies to hide from prying eyes and I wondered where everyone keeps theirs. Over the years I have had to become quite inventive as we have three girls, two of which are teens, to hide presents from. We have also lived in a flat and a very small house in the past which meant a total lack of space in general let alone at Christmas time when things needed to be kept secret.
I thought that I would share some of my ideas that I have used over the years for hiding presents when you are short of space.
  • In empty cereal boxes in the breakfast cupboard – making sure it is a cereal that none of the children like!
  • In empty suitcases.
  • In the garden shed.
  • Under the stairs (most of my homes have had a cupboard under the stairs and they always had a dark gap right at the back, perfect for hiding things!)
  • In the airing cupboard under sheets and towels.
  • Under the bed or inside your bed if you have a divan.
  • In sealed boxes labelled charity shop or car boot (just make sure that your partner knows what you’re doing or you may lose them!)
  • Very small gifts can be hidden in washed out jars or tins and hidden in the back of the food cupboard.
  • Small gifts can be hidden behind your books on your book shelve.
  • Under the kitchen sink at the back.
  • In a box on top of your wardrobe.
  • Wrapped in a few plastic bags at the bottom of the wash bin.
  • In the loft.
  • In the garage.
  • If you have a unit with drawers, such as a chest of drawers and you remove the bottom drawer, there will be a space at the base where you can hide things and then put the drawer back in.
If you are having to hide things in multiple locations then make sure that you write down exactly what you have hidden and where you have hidden it so that you do not end up losing anything.
I hope that I have given you some good ideas to get you started if you have been wondering where to hide your presents this year. Where do you hide yours? Do you have places that I have not listed? I would love to hear them.
This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition.

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