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Where I am now in life

Wow! It has been so long since I last posted on this blog! I honestly do not know where the time has gone. I have decided that it is time to get back to my blogging as I really enjoy it and I now have a little more time than I did so I will be posting more regularly.

So much has happened since my last posts so I will give a brief over-view of what has been going on and where I am now in life and then I will be sharing more information about these things in future posts.

So of course we have all aged since I last posted! I will be 38 in October which means it’s highly unlikely that I will complete my 40 by 40 post of goals although, as time passes so does our hopes and dreams, so some of the items on the list are things which I no longer wish to complete! My oldest daughter is now 20 and no longer living at home and my youngest daughter is now ten and will be starting her last year of primary school this September which is madness!

We now have three dogs who are our world! There will be many posts about these three furry babies coming soon as they mean so much to me and all of us! Both me and hubby are totally dog mad and I’m sure some readers will not agree with how much we spoil them and how we let them sleep in our bed and treat them like our children, but there will also be many readers who completely relate to us!

My university journey has been full of twists and turns but the end is now in sight. I just have my last work placement left to complete and then I will finally be a qualified social worker with a degree in social work, which in my opinion shows that anyone can do nearly anything if they work really hard.

So now that I am back in the land of blog I look forward to sharing more of my life and opinions which will hopefully include; parenting adults, teens and tweens, the joys of dogs, how positive thinking and hard work can change your life, mental health, relationships, organisation, family celebrations, recipes and reviews.

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