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What to gift the men in your life

In my experience buying gifts for the men in your life can be rather difficult. This post offers tips and advice and includes ideas to inspire you. Please note that this post does contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Gifting men!

With Father’s day on the way, my thoughts are drawn to what to gift the men in my life. I always seem to find it so much harder to buy for men. I am not sure if it is just me, or if it is a similar problem for most people. It is not just Father’s day, it may be an anniversary present for my husband, male birthdays, and Christmas presents. I always find it difficult. 

Some tips

  • Try to think about what hobbies or sports the person enjoys. If they are passionate football fans, then perhaps something from their team’s store would be well received. 
  • What is their character like? While we may think that a mug with the face of their grandchild would be a fantastic present, to the man who is not at all sentimental it may not be the best choice. 
  • Think about past gifts. If you often end up buying the same thing (socks, mug, smellies, etc) then it may be time to change the game plan. 
  • How about something that would make their lives easier and give them more time to find new hobbies? This may be a good choice for the man with no real interests or hobbies who says they don’t know what they want or tells you not to worry about getting them anything. 
  • Try and put yourself in their shoes. While a pool cue may not seem like a very exciting gift to us, to the man who loves a game of pool and goes regularly to play, it will mean a lot. 
  • How about an experience or a day out? While these can be rather pricey, perhaps you could make your own voucher and put together something special for less money.

Ideas to inspire!

All gifts from Amazon. All prices correct at the time of publishing. 

A fun t-shirt could be a nice alternative to socks this year.  Prices start at £7.99.

This pocket watch makes a really unique gift and is priced at just £12.89

For the modern man who likes some bling! How gorgeous is this? Priced at £24.95.

For the man who enjoys mental stimulation, how about a quiz or puzzle book? This Quiz night book is £4.99 and sure to keep them busy. 

You could make up a hamper with his favourite food and drink or go for a premade hamper like this luxury hamper priced at £39

For the sporty man, some nice new trainers could be a good choice. These Adidas trainers cost £36 and look fantastic. 

These colour coded clippers make it super easy for men to keep themselves looking good and cost just £19.99

If you are buying for a man with an upcoming birthday this larger selection box could be a big hit. Priced at £22.

For the man who likes his music or podcasts, how about some wireless earbuds. These beauties are priced at £35.99

For the professional man, how about this beautiful retro bag. It is priced at £31.44

Hopefully, you have found some of the advice and ideas useful in this guide for buying gifts for men. Please do let me know your thoughts. 

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