What is your home’s style?

Victoria plumb are currently running a competition to win John Lewis vouchers and all you need to do to enter is take part in their fun quiz which is a few simple questions to reveal your style at home.
I had a go at the survey and my results were – Mrs quirky cool which likened me to Jess from New girl. I have never watched the show so I do not know what that means although I do not feel that the description completely matched my home, style or personality but there were some matches. It said that I would have a large leather sofa and a large table. Well below is a picture of my very large sofa which is not leather although the one I had before this one was and my large kitchen table which comfortably seats six although I have squeezed eight around it for special occasions! I am not so keen on the apparent ‘must have’ vintage gold mirror which is suggested, but I do really like the bathroom with the corner bath, lovely!
When asked what the great British home means to me, I am probably not the best person to ask. I am very family centred and my home reflects that. I would rather spend money on having fun with the kids then decorating my home so I am not the most stylish or house proud person. I like my home to be decorated with the children’s art work and family photographs. I like my home to feel lived in and a comfortable happy place to come home to.
I think that the great British home should be functional, organised and comfortable. It should be a place to relax and also have fun as a family and most importantly of all it should be filled with love.

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