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Four Wedding Planning Hacks To Keep You Sane!

Your wedding should be the most relaxing day of your life. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. From the controlling mother-in-law to “Bride-zilla”, there is no shortage of wedding planning horror stories to convince you that your wedding should be hyper-stressful. If you’re a naturally relaxed person most of the time, and you don’t want to let your wedding change that, try these tips for a stress-free day. Save your time and energy for ensuring that your honeymoon is the best couples vacation yet!

Bride and groom midsection, hands in shape of heart. wedding day
Remember the day is about you two and your love



The source of much wedding day anxiety is the concept that everything has to be perfect. Add to that the conviction that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself, and you have a recipe for stress. There is truth in this statement: nobody understands your vision as well as you do, and if you allow other people to handle parts of your wedding, there may a couple of elements that haven’t been executed exactly as you would have done it yourself. But who needs perfection anyway? Free yourself of the idea of the “perfect wedding day” and allow your family and friends to help out.


Manage Only What Counts


Delegating effectively lets you save your time for handling the elements of your wedding that really matter to you. This will depend on your priorities. Maybe it’s choosing your wedding invitations from Pure Invitation. Maybe it’s finding the best wedding band of all time. But if you can’t tell the difference between mauve and lilac, why not let your sister-in-law choose the shade of bridesmaids’ dresses?

Wedding Preparation, shoes and bocay
Prioritising is key

Chill Out About the Weather


Don’t get worked up about things you can’t control. This is a vital mindset to achieve if you want to avoid wedding day stress. And what do you have less control over than whether it rains or shines? Even if you love the concept of an outdoor summer wedding, try not to invest too much in whether the sun decides to come out or if the sky is blue or the heavens open and it rains the whole day. Remind yourself that all types of weather can be beautiful. What matters is being present in the moment at your wedding. Plan for an all-weather wedding reception, and let the weather do what it wants. Whatever it does on your wedding day, make the weather part of the memories.


Avoid the Venue on The Eve Of Your Wedding


While it may be tempting to ‘drop-in’ at your wedding venue the evening before and check out how everything looks, this will only cause you anxiety. Yes, it’s exciting to see your wedding décor coming together, but if you don’t have event-planning experience, you may be in for a shock. Many large-scale events come together only in the last few hours of work. Disarray the day before is totally normal. So spare yourself the shock. Just chill. Stay in your B&B or hotel room and watch Friends or something. You won’t regret it.

Grayscale Photo of Just Married Signage, wedding day
Enjoy your day!

Whether you’re hosting five guests or five hundred, your wedding does not have to be a huge source of anxiety. These tips will help you keep things in perspective and be the most chilled out bride on the planet.


Also, don’t forget that marriages need work to keep them strong so once the wedding is planned, why not take a look at my relationship series which is packed full of advice to keep your marriage healthy and happy. 

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    Hi Denise, thanks for sharing your guides, tips, and hacks for planning a wedding! Do you think it is advisable to have an open bar as generous wedding gestures to the guest? Thanks for the great tip!
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      I think it depends on how much you can afford. If you have the budget than it would make a lovely gesture to the guests but as planning a wedding is so expensive, many can not afford to do so.

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