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Volcanoes: Homeschool Topic

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We have been learning about volcanoes in our homeschool and we thought that we would share our ideas to help you if you plan on learning about volcanoes too. 


  • Make a volcano and erupt it
  • Have a go at the elephant toothpaste experiment (we used this in our homemade volcano)
  • Make a lemon volcano
  • Bake a volcano cake
  • Use watercolours to make a volcano erupting
  • Draw a volcano
  • Look at the Iceland eruption when the ash cloud could be seen in the UK
  • The history of Pompeii
  • Visit a volcano
  • Interview someone who has visited a volcano
  • Watch a fictional film about an erupting volcano such as Dante’s Peak.
  • Make potato volcanoes
Showing the stages of making a homemade volcano

Useful books

Useful websites

How we got on

We had a lot of fun learning all about volcanoes. It was interesting learning about the history of Pompeii and as we have family members who have visited Faith got to interview them and write a report about what they said which was a good learning experience for her. 

Faith said that her favourite activity was making a volcano and using elephant toothpaste to erupt it. I think that it turned out really well. We used 9% hydrogen peroxide and it came out really well. 

Looking at the Iceland volcanic eruption was good as it covered tourism and the pros and cons of the eruption for businesses in the area. We did a lot of map work, learning where various volcanoes are and of course learnt about the parts of a volcano and how they erupt too. There are a lot of worksheets available online which helped with this too. 

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