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Valentine date night inspiration

Nine Valentine date night ideas for February. February is often the month that people think more about date nights due to it being the month of love, but the weather is not too good in February so it can make it hard to think of things to do. Therefore I thought that I would share nine ideas to give you some Valentine’s inspiration! Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means. please click here

  • Attend a cooking class together

Joining a cooking class together can be a lot of fun and make a great date night. There are often one-off sessions available as an experience or you could join a regular class if it is something that you really enjoy. If there are not any available in your area then you could always recreate one in your kitchen. There are lots of YouTube tutorials for recipes so you could find one that you like, get all of the ingredients and then have a fun evening cooking together and enjoy the meal that you have made together afterwards.

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Cooking together
  • Spa evening

Many spas now offer evening experiences that can be perfect for a romantic date night. There are often offers for these types of events so it is well worth checking out sites such as Groupon for a good deal. Limited budget or having to self-isolate? No problem! Have a spa night at home instead!

  • Wine tasting evening

If you both enjoy wine then a wine tasting experience may be something that you would like to attend together. Alternatively, there are often other types of alcohol evenings such as Gin festivals and Beer tasting evenings.

  • Breakfast date

Dates do not have to be limited to the evenings. It may work better for your schedule if you plan a morning date, so how about you go out for a nice breakfast. It can be a lovely way to start the day and there are lots of restaurants offering different types of breakfast menus so you are sure to find something to suit your taste buds and budget.

  • Hot tub evening

Booking a night away in a lodge with a private hot tub is one of my favourite ways to spend a Valentine date night. As the hot tubs are as the name implies hot, these types of evenings can be enjoyed in the cold weather too and are often cheaper during the colder months. Laying back in a hot tub with your partner with a glass of something sparkly can be so relaxing and is very romantic.

Whirlpool, Hot Tub, Garden, Summer, valentine date
Hot tub luxury!
  • Bowling night

A fun and active evening out which can often get overlooked when thinking of date night ideas. If you enjoy a bit of healthy competition or want to show off your skills then this can be an enjoyable evening out and is also great for double dates too. 

  • Interactive dinner theatre

This can be so much fun. Aside from the popular murder mystery dinner shows, there are other types cropping up all of the time, often run by community amateur dramatics groups, which can be a lot of fun. You get to enjoy dinner, take in a show and join in the plot or solve the mystery. A great evening out that is certainly not boring! 

  • Nighttime picnic under the stars

Even though it is cold, it can be romantic to pack up a picnic with a flask of hot chocolate and lots of blankets. Snuggle up under the blankets gazing at the stars in each other’s arms. Very low cost and super intimate!  

  • Retro gaming experience

For those who enjoy gaming, there are some great retro gaming events across the UK. It is worth keeping an eye open as they are often pop up one-off events although some cities are lucky enough to have regular events like the ones in Brighton organised by Gaming Retrobution

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Romance, fun or both?

So, what do you think? Any of these spark any ideas for you and your loved ones this February? Do you have a Valentine date planned?

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