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6 Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Decor

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. The perfect time to refresh your home furnishings is any time, with or without a big home renovation budget. Here are six simple ways to modernise your space.


  1. A fresh coat of paint (or wallpaper!)

Any room can be instantly refreshed with a coat of paint. It’s almost shocking how much of an effect this can have! Brighten up the room with a trendy colour, mute a wild wall with a neutral tone, or lighten up with classic white. 

Don’t overlook wallpaper either. After all, it isn’t what it used to be. Removable wallpaper is easy to put up and take down, and there are so many trendy patterns available to match any style. Make an accent wall or add a splash of texture and change it as your mood dictates.

  1. Add new lighting

Old lighting fixtures can instantly date a room, no matter how you’ve updated the rest of the decor. Even if that’s the only upgrade you make in that room (because let’s be real, who can do everything at once?), it makes a huge difference. Replace that old ceiling fan or chandelier and be amazed at the instant transformation.

white steel chair in front round table on white rug

  1. Update accent furniture

If you’re not prepared (or willing) to shop for all new furnishings, pick one or two pieces that desperately need an upgrade. High gloss coffee tables are an excellent example of small furniture that packs a punch, and won’t set you back the same way a new living room set would. 


  1. Reupholster existing furniture

Another great way to update furniture is to upcycle what you already have. Freshen up your sofa, chaise, or chairs with new fabrics to give them a brand-new feel. Keep in mind when choosing a fabric, you’ll want to go with something timeless, like a solid, neutral colour. Florals, prints, plaids and stripes can be enticing, but can quickly become dated and stale. You don’t want to go through the effort or expense of covering your furniture only to get the itch to recover it again in a year or two when the trends have shifted. 


Also, ask yourself: when is the last time you cleaned your sofa? If reupholstering seems like too daunting a task, maybe all your furniture needs is a good deep cleaning to restore its beauty. 


  1. Replace your window coverings

This is a seriously simple way to brighten up a whole room. Swap out thick window coverings and replace them with a light, airy fabric like bamboo. Trade the ornate curtain rods for simple, stylish ones that already match your style. Letting the light in always makes a big difference in any room, so don’t overlook window treatments. 


  1. Add some accessories

Accessorising your space is the easiest way to make it look trendy and chic. If you already have some, take a good look and decide which ones still fit or make you happy. If your room is looking a little bare, try layering.

Layering helps add dimension to a room, and mixing textures makes it more interesting. For example, make a coffee table vignette, add some trendy plants, or add a throw over a couch or a bed and play with different fabrics, like burlap over cotton or a plush, thick fabric over leather. 

three white and gray succulent plants

These six practical tips will bring any tired spaces into the modern age without doing a total makeover. 

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