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Our under the sea home school study

I thought that I would share with you how we got on in our home school when we were working on our under the sea topic.  

Notebook work

We did lots of notebook work using templates which I made to help make the learning a bit more interesting. This worked really well and we both learned so much about different types of sea life in our oceans. If you would like to download the template we used then it is available in my freebie library. If you do not already have the password to access it, simply sign up to my newsletter and the code will be sent to you. 

UK Homeschool page of written work


We had great fun making iced starfish biscuits, this was one of Faith’s favourite activities. We also made a cardboard aquarium which was a lot of fun too.

Iced starfish cookies on a tray

We went crabbing in Bawdsey on the Suffolk coast which was a great learning experience for all of us as we had never done it before. We also took a trip to Southend and visited the sea life adventure centre. That was a lovely day out a great way to cement the learning that Faith had been doing about the different sea creatures. 


We also watched some great documentaries on Netflix and some fun movies such as Finding Dory and Shark Tale! We did some acoustic poems and Faith wrote a persuasive argument about why she liked sea turtles the most out of the different creatures we had been learning about. We drew hermit crabs using an online tutorial and we found some great information books in our local library.

All in all, it was a successful topic. Both Faith and I learned lots and had great fun doing it! If you would like more home education inspiration then why not check out my Pinterest boards?

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    Love the idea of making an aquarium from recyclables! #MMBC

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