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Turning 40, a virtual blog conference and more!

October was a busy month for me. I launched a free course ‘8 Weeks to a Happier You‘, I turned 40 and it was the virtual Blog conference which I had been looking forward to all year. We also had Halloween and I opened a small shop which is attached to my blog. 

My course

The course is not going as well as I had hoped as only a few ladies signed up. With fewer people than I anticipated, it is harder to get people talking. A few have dropped out due to not being able to commit so it is harder than I thought it would be. It is frustrating as I just want to help people by sharing what I have done to improve my confidence and happiness but if people do not sign up or participate, there is not really anything that I can do. 

My birthday

When lockdown started back in March, I honestly did not think that it would affect my birthday in October! It was my 40th and originally we had planned to go away for a few nights to Birmingham but with things so uncertain with COVID-19 I decided to put a pin in my trip until next year.

I am glad that I did as we had planned to go in November so I could do Xmas shopping while away and the whole of England is now in lockdown so I would not have been able to go now anyway and we would have probably lost money on accommodation etc. 

I still had a lovely birthday and as we could not meet in big groups my birthday lasted all week seeing different people and having nice meals out. I got some lovely gifts and was made a fuss of which was nice. 

Blog On Virtual

Last year I went to my first blogging conference and absolutely loved it! I penciled in this year’s conference as soon as I got back home as I knew that I did not want to miss out. Unfortunately due to COVID, the conference could not go ahead as planned so Laura turned it into a virtual conference instead. 

Laura did a fantastic job and even refunded me my Travelodge room which I had booked before we realised that it would not be going ahead. I really enjoyed taking part in the online event although of course, it was not the same as being there with people. I learned a lot and I did not have to choose between sessions as they were all recorded so we can watch the ones that we could not attend live which is really good. 

I am just keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that we can return to a real-life conference next year as I am definitely going to be going!


Halloween was enjoyable but of course not as good as it would have been. Last year we did a party with the family and it went really well so I was going to do it again this year but it will have to wait until 2021. It was also the first year that we did not go out trick or treating or give out treats to other trick or treaters as well in the last 22 years!

We still decorated inside the house and had a little tea party sticking to the rule of six. I made a pumpkin pie and we played board games. 

Overall October was an okay month. I like to try and keep my blog as cheerful as possible and I feel this post has been a bit moany but I guess even though I know that I am very blessed and so many people have been badly affected by COVID and lockdown, it can still get a bit much. 

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