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Top tips for keeping cool at night

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It has been so hot at night this year and I have really been struggling with it. I do not do well with heat! I decided to do some research for ideas on keeping cool on hot nights. So, I thought that I would share what I had found as it may be useful for others who are also struggling. 

Windows shut in the day

On a hot day, keep the bedroom windows and curtains shut. Then open the window in the evening. If you are out all day do this in all of your rooms, just leaving a crack for ventilation. When you get home at night your home will be cooler, rather than a greenhouse! 

Ice fan

If you are using a fan, place bottles of frozen water in front of the fan to make the air much cooler. You could use a tray of ice or frozen flannel but I prefer using the 2 litre bottles as they last longer before melting.

Ceiling fan

Perhaps if you often find nights are too hot, invest in a ceiling fan to lower the temperature of the room. These are not difficult to install and could make a big difference to your quality of sleep.

keeping cool in bed au natural!
Another way to keep cool is to sleep in your birthday suit!

Cooling mats

You can get cooling mats which you can insert into your pillowcases and they work by drawing away heat from your body by absorbing it into the gel which is inside the pad. There are also mattress toppers or even cooling mattresses. So, depending on your need and how much you want to invest there is something here for everyone. 

Dampen your windows

Hanging a cool damp sheet over your open window can help make the incoming air cooler. You need to be careful about how wet your sheet is though or you will end up with more problems when you wake up! 

Freeze your socks!

Not sure about this one personally but apparently freezing your socks to wear in bed lowers your body temperature. Put clean socks in a clean freezer bag and chill them before you head off to bed!

What not to do 

  • Don’t bath before bed. Have a cool shower instead.
  • Do not eat a large meal two hours prior to going to bed as your body will heat up while digesting the food.
  • Do not exercise before bed as you are heating your body up, rather than cooling it down.
I hope that this gives you some inspiration for keeping cool at night when the UK heats up. It has definitely taught me a few things that I didn’t know and I look forward to trying out some of this ideas tonight. Let me know if you found this helpful and how you got on if you tried some of these ideas. I always love to hear from you. 

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