Pictures of the top five blog posts of 2020. A flash mop, a girl in cosplay, a basket of presents, a girl on the beach crabbing and a tarot deck

Top five blog posts of 2020

Well, we know my thoughts on 2020 but I always like to do a top five blog posts post to see what you guys have been clicking on most this year! 

Number one blog post of 2020

Amazingly this has been the top post on my blog for the second year in a row! You guys must like your mops! I never dreamed that a review of a mop could become so popular! It is a simple review of the flash speed mop. 

In at number two

I am super proud that this made the second most popular post of the year as I am very passionate about kids being able to cosplay and find their place in the community. It is a post which talks about what cosplay is and looks at what anime is as well as they are closely linked. 

I have had a few kids reach out asking for advice on how to get their parents to let them start cosplaying. It is so hard trying to explain that their parents love them and are worried as it is something that they do not understand. The more I can help educate parents about cosplay the better. 

In at number three

This post is about the basket of 21 gifts for 21 years which I did for my girls when they turned 21. It includes free print out labels which you could use if you were doing the same for a 21st birthday. 

In at number four

This post has gained a lot of interest in the last few months. It was actually a collaborative post with a company that I work with. I wonder if the dark times of 2020 have left people searching for something more perhaps. 

Finally, number five

This post talks about our first time crabbing on the Suffolk coast and gives tips for other first-timers. It also appeared in my top five 2019 blog posts but was the third most popular blog post that year. It is nice to see that posts on screen-free family fun are still doing well. 

So there you go, my top five blog posts of 2020! Certainly a range of different topics there! Thank you for staying with me over this last mad year and if you are new to the blog then I hope you come back and see what the year 2021 has in store for us!

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