Top five blog posts of 2019

This post is looking back at the five most popular blog posts of the year (excluding competition posts). It is interesting to see what people have found the most useful and read most often. It certainly surprised me, I would of never have thought that my most popular blog post of the year would be about a mop! 

Flash speed mop - boxed

Number 1

The most popular post of 2019 was my review of the Flash speed mop! I certainly did not expect that but I guess you guys must like to know which mop is best for quick but good cleaning! It is a good mop which I still use regularly on all of my hard floors.

Number 2

I am sure that this got more attention than it should have, as some people thought that it was going to be some type of porn! It is part of my relationship series talking about the importance of intimacy in a long term relationship.

Man and his daughter on the beach crabbing and a small image of a crab

Number 3

Our first time crabbing and advice for first timers like we were! I am really pleased to see this in the top five blog posts for 2019 as it is about what is important to me, spending time with my family.

Number 4

Number four on the list is the review that I did of a indoor mini golf course which is very loosely based on Harry Potter, which is in Felixstowe.

Uk home education information

Number 5

The final of the top five for this year is a post I wrote explaining what happens in England when you decide to home educate your child. I am super proud that this made it into the top five as I am very passionate about home schooling and I hope that I have helped other people with the information in this post.

There you have it, the top five blog posts of 2019. I hope that you have enjoyed the journey with me throughout the year and if you are new to the blog then I hope you stay and join me for 2020! 

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  1. says:
    I have just written a similar post but with my top 10 blog posts of 2019 and some surprised me too! Fab blog posts x
    1. says:
      I will pop over and have a look :-) Really interesting to look back and see what has been popular! xx

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