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Top family halloween movies

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We love a seasonal family film night. So we have watched most, if not all, of the family Halloween movies available to UK audiences. Here is our pick of the best family Halloween movies, sectioned into age ratings.

Top family Halloween movies rated U

Spookley the square pumpkin

This was a favorite of Faith’s for a long time! This 2004 short film has a lovely message of not conforming and being like everyone else. All about a little pumpkin who is square and teased by the other round pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. 

Hotel Transylvania

This 2012 animated comedy is a great choice for younger audiences. It is one of those great films which are funny for adults as well as kids and is all about a vampire family who runs a hotel for monsters. The daughter of the family wants to learn more about the human world much to the distress of the dad.

Hotel Transylvania 2

The second in this series was released in 2015. This time a grandson is introduced into the chaos of running a hotel for monsters on the outskirts of the human world. 

Hotel Transylvania 3

The third installment from this family of fantastic movies. Another great film full of comedy and continuing the story which this time sees the family on their own vacation rather than hosting other peoples. 

Top family Halloween movies rated PG


Anyone who grew up in the ’90s will remember the books and tv series of goosebumps. In 2015 it came to the big screen and did not disappoint. A teenage boy must save the town from a collection of creepy characters who have escaped from the goosebumps books. Excellent Halloween viewing!

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

In the second edition of Goosebumps, we see a return of the ventriloquist’s dummy, slappy who wants to unleash all of the monsters from the books into the world. Three teens much work together to put a stop to the dummy once and for all!

Night at the Museum

This 2006 comedy action film may not be the typical Halloween movie but I think it is still a good choice for some spooky fun. This movie stars Ben Stiller as the night watchman at the Museum of Natural History. Each night that the museum closes and everyone leaves, the museum comes to life leaving the security guard to deal with all of the mayhem that ensues! 

Night at the museum 2

In this 2009 follow-up movie, more madness springs to life each night with hilarious consequences. 

Night at the museum: secret of the tomb.

2014 sees another adventure but this time in London. More fun and games for the night watchmen of the museum. Great film. 

Scooby doo

This 2002 hit movie was the first of two live-action Scooby films. It was packed full of famous faces and is definitely one of our favourite movies. The gang is invited to an island where there are some strange things happening that need investigating. 

Scooby doo 2

2004 follow-up film gives us some more super-sleuthing from the gang. For me, I preferred the first, but it is still worth a watch. 

Monster house

This animated movie is all about a house that is actually alive and eating people! Very spooky for Halloween!

The Adams family

Not to be confused with the newer animated film, this 1991 movie is fantastic. It kept with the original series and is great to watch with the whole family. 

The Adams family

In 2019 an animated version of the Adams family was released. Great film and worth a watch, although I preferred the original movie.

Hocus Pocus

This Disney 1993 movie is a classic Halloween favourite in our house. Set in Salem, three witches manage to come back in the present-day with the aim of using the town’s children to make them eternally youthful. 


Disney 1998 Halloween film. Based on a girl turning 13 and finding out that she is a witch. She visits her grandma who lives in Halloween town and needs to learn how to master her powers. 


Halloweentown 2

A 2001 sequel that sees the young witch and her grandma having to defeat an evil warlock from taking over the world. 

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Halloweentown High

Marnie takes her magical friends from Halloweentown out into the mortal world to go to high school in this 2004 follow up movie

Return to Halloweentown

The final installment of this Halloweentown film series sees Marnie off to witch university in Halloween town.


In this Disney 2005 movie, we see reunited twin witches explore their powers and discover how powerful they can be when working together.

Twitches too

In this 2007 sequel to Twitches, we see the twins carry on their journeys although in opposite directions to each other!

The scream team

In this 2002 Disney film, we see Halloween festivities in a town where there are also real ghosts too!

The Scream Team


This 2017 animated movie sees a young boy exploring the other side on the day of the dead. Full of colour and music, this is a lovely film.

Films for older children

Death becomes her

A classic from 1992. In this dark comedy, we see a fight for immortality with hilarious consequences! This is certificate 12.


This is rated certificate 15 but bear in mind that it was made in 1988 so it may not necessarily still be rated that high if it was a more modern film! A classic which if you have not seen is a must-see!

The house with a clock in its wall

2018 Jack Black movie which centers around a young boy and his warlock uncle trying to solve the mystery of the ticking clock that is hidden within the walls of the house. Certificate 12.

The haunted mansion

2003 Eddie Murphy Disney film which sees a family needing to rid a property of the curse which controls it. Certificate 12.


This 1984 certificate 12 comedy horror is all about four men who run a ghostbusting agency. They are the people to call when you have unwanted spooks up to no good!

GhostBusters (2016)

In this modern version of ghostbusting, we see a team of four women showing that they can bust ghosts just as well as the men! Same great humour as the original with a fantastic cast, this is well worth a watch. Certificate 12.

Phew! There you have 29 of the best family Halloween movies to view this autumn. I am sure that there are many more that I have left out, but these are the best, in my opinion. 

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