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Top 10 travel goals 2019

January is a great time of year to start thinking about your travel plans for the year ahead. Not only is it the start of the year, but it can also be a difficult time with the dark mornings and evenings and the cold weather. Planning or at least dreaming of fun holiday plans can really help to keep spirits high.

So I thought that I would share my dream top ten list of holiday destinations for 2019.

1. Orlando, USA.

American villa at sunset

Visiting Florida has always been at the top of my list of travel goals and I really hope that I get there someday! I would love to stay in a villa in Orlando near to all of the attractions on International drive and of course the kids would love Walt Disney World. A villa with a private pool would be lovely to have a couple of down days, to have fun in the pool and lay in the sun with a good book, in between visiting all of the attractions. My family and I have always been big theme park fans, so Orlando would be our dream destination, as they have so many theme parks and water parks along with lots of great restaurants to feast at! 

Orlando roller coaster at night

2. Luxor, Egypt.

Villa in Egypt, Assalah: Patio

Being a huge Agatha Christie fan I often dream about going on holiday to Egypt. You see, Egypt is used as the main location in a few of her novels. I have read about the Nile and all of the historical cultural sites such as the Valley of the Kings and the Luxor temple which dates back to 1400BC so many times. It would be such an interesting holiday and really educational for the children too. I can imagine wandering around the pyramids, trying my hand at bartering at a street market and seeing a camel up close and personal! I have also read that the Karnak Temple sound and light show is not to be missed and I would like to add on a Nile river cruise as well to really make the most of my time in Egypt. 

Egypt temple

3. Algarve, Portugal.

Apartment in Portugal, Prainha

Beautiful beaches and sunshine to relax and unwind paired with a zoo and waterpark make this a great family destination. The Zoomarine gives you the chance to swim with dolphins and they have regular shows featuring sea lions, dolphins and seals to entertain and educate. It is also a water park so there are slides and other attractions offering plenty of fun. If you would like a unique way to explore Portugal, why not try a jeep safari, there is a lot to explore.

Portugal coast line


4. Reykjavik, Iceland.

Apartment in Iceland, Reykjavík

A great location for later in the year if you do not mind the colder climate. I would love to relax in the blue lagoon which is one of Iceland’s best known thermal spas and I imagine that viewing the Northern lights would be truly magical. You can tour the Golden Circle which includes waterfalls and guisers amongst Iceland’s spectacular volcanic scenery. You can also go whale watching and ride a sleigh pulled by huskies. There is an ice cave exhibition as well which looks really interesting to name just a few of the amazing activities which Iceland has to offer.  

Iceland blue lagoon thermal spa and northern lights

5. Tenerife

Villa in Spain, Amarilla Golf

Another beautiful beach holiday, this time a Spanish island. With so much to see or do here, the choice really is yours. There are boat trips with glass bottoms to that you can view all of the marine life underneath you. There are whale and dolphin spotting tours or if budget allows, you can even go on a submarine underwater safari! To explore the island you can ride quad bikes, Segways or take a tuk-tuk tour (an idea originating from Asia). You can try your hand at kayaking, scuba diving or take a dip in a natural larva swimming pool. You can climb a volcano or visit a water park. Tenerife is a great location for sun-loving adventurists! 

Tenerife coastline

6. Benidorm, Spain.

Apartment in Spain, Benidorm swimming pool

A second Spanish holiday, this time in mainland Spain. We have been to Salou many times and so far Salou has been our favourite location to travel to. It would be nice to try another area and see what else Spain has to offer. Benidorm is perhaps the most popular part of Spain for British people, so you can expect lots of British bars and restaurants amongst the main tourist areas. Benidorm is also home to a theme park called Terra Mitica which offers lots of white knuckle fun for all ages. 

Spanish theme park

7. The Maldives.

Water Villa in the Maldives

For those wanting a real luxury holiday that would relax and inspire the soul, it would have to be a trip to the Maldives! I can almost feel the fine white sand between my toes and the warmth of the sizzling sun on my skin. The ocean is so clear, it is the perfect place for snorkeling and exploring under the sea! The most popular time to visit is the Maldives dry season which is December to March, although the rest of the year is still warm, but there may be some tropical showers! 

Snorkelling in the Maldives

8. Venice, Italy.

Apartment in Giudecca, Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world. I would love to go here for an anniversary trip with my husband, I think that it would be extremely romantic. I can imagine taking a ride on an iconic gondola at night while in my husband’s arms, bliss. You can also travel around on water buses for a more economical mode of transport, especially if you are traveling as a family. Venice has lots of museums and beautiful architecture to take in and of course is also home for some delicious Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta.

Venice gondola

9. Toronto, Canada.

Toronto at night - all lit up

A vacation in Canada would be a fantastic experience. Toronto is well known for its multicultural diversity and the city is rich with museums, galleries and walking tours. If you are brave enough, you can also take a trip in a helicopter to view Niagrella falls and all of its natural beauty which I suspect would be breathtaking! Canada also has lots of open space and beautiful parks which make this holiday perfect for those like me who enjoy both the hustle and excitement of a city and the peace and tranquility of the outdoors. 

Toronto birds eye view of the city

10. Paphos, Cyprus.

Villa in Cyprus, Polis Chrysochou

Cyprus is beautiful and hosts to many ancient buildings, which are well worth exploring. Particularly the town of Paphos which is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite. There are lots of things to get involved in such as horseriding to explore the beautiful scenery, diving, and wine tasting. For those with children, there is a zoo which has over 200 species of birds along with white lions, giraffes and many other types of animals and also a waterpark full of slides and attractions. This really is a location which gives you the choice to do as much or as little as you like. 

Cyprus cliffs and clear sea

So, there you have it, my top ten travel goals for 2019! I hope that I have inspired you to start making plans for your own travel goals this year. What did you think? Which is your favourite from my list? As always, I love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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    I would love to visit Toronto - I want to do the tower walk (am I mad?) - Good Luck in the competition
    1. dj_star80 says:
      Brave, not mad! I would like to do it too but would probably kill me if I didn't improve my fitness!

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