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As you know I am taking part in this years groovy mums group over at Kate on thin ice and this week she asked a series of questions about why we have lost our groove and where we are now. I am not going to repeat myself as I pretty much answered all of Kate’s questions in my last groovy mums post which you can read here if you have not already done so.

The last question on the list however was ‘what baby steps can we do this week to move things forward a bit?’ so here is my list.

I have not had much time this week as I have been busy organising my daughters 16th birthday party (more on that to come soon) so I have only got three very little baby steps for this week.

1) To have a heart to heart with my husband to see where we both honestly stand in relation to our marriage.

2) To do my nails – I have loads of nice nail bits, but I never seem to have the time to use them so just go around with short plain nails. Doing my nails not only makes me look better and more put together but it also makes me feel better about myself too so it is definitely worth finding the time for.

3) Agree on the date and times that my mum and I will start going to weight watchers to make a start on one of the things that get’s me down the most – my weight!

I hope that all the other groovy mums are doing well this week!

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  1. says:
    Those are great steps. I love the idea about doing your nails, it really is the little things isn't it? Good luck with joining WW too.
  2. says:
    These count as more than baby steps so very groovy and well done you.
    Hope the heart to heart pays dividends. I sometimes find writing things for my husband rather than speaking them helps and prevents conflict. Just a thought. Hope you post a pic of the nails next week and empathise on the weight front. You could always join in with Wobbles Wednesday run by @AutismMumma Thanks for linking up with #groovymums
  3. says:
    Thanks for the support Kate :-) Very kind of you. Writing things down is a good idea - will help keep me on topic
  4. says:
    Thanks Philippa :-)

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