Themed family fun – week three.

Welcome to the third week of my linky. Last week we had a week of pink but unfortunately we are yet to have any link ups so far which is sad but then, it was only the second week so fingers crossed things will improve in time.

The idea is simple – each week I will tell you a theme. It could be a colour, a shape, an animal, a holiday or anything. You then use the theme to have some family fun and write a blog post telling us all what you did. You might cook something or craft something or visit somewhere. Whatever you like as long as you are having fun.

The rules.

1) Visit my blog every Monday to see what the weeks theme will be.

2) Have fun using the theme and write up your post.

3) Make sure you include the badge or a text link to my blog so people can join in.

4) Come back on the following Saturday to see what we have done and link up your post.

5) Look at other peoples posts and comment on at least three so everyone gets some love 🙂

You do not have to join in every week and if you are worried that you may forget then just follow me on twitter and I’ll be tweeting reminders each week.

Each linky will be open for five days giving people plenty of time to link up their posts.

This weeks theme is
Outer space

I hope you have loads of fun with this weeks theme and come back on Saturday to link up your post.

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  1. says:
    Love this theme! I'll try and be a bit more on time this week :)
  2. says:
    Don't worry hun, I'm just glad to have you joining in. I've had a lot of people say they think it's good and will join in so far so hopefully more people will start linking up.

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