Themed family fun – outer space week

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Welcome to themed family fun – outer space!

This week we have made outer space pictures and model rockets.

Outer space pictures.

For this we simply used chalk on black paper to draw pictures of planets and stars and we smudged some of the stars to make them look twinkly. We then used some star and space stickers which I brought from a craft shop to finish them off.

Model Rocket.

For this you need; * Empty toilet roll.
                              * Tissue paper.
                              * Card.
                              * Cello tape.
                              * Scissors.
                              * Ribbon.
                              * Felt tip pens.

To make your own rocket;

1) Wrap the toilet roll in tissue paper and secure with tape. Tuck the ends inside the roll using more tape to keep it in place.

2) Draw a circle on the card by drawing round a small plate or with a pair of compasses. Colour in the cone or decorate with patterns.

3) Cut a line into the center of the circle so that you can make the circle into a cone and secure with tape.

4) Wrap the ribbon around the toilet roll and tape in place so you have two lines of ribbon going around.

5) Use some more tape to secure the cone on top of the toilet roll and you now have a rocket.

6) Finally cut some strips of orange and yellow tissue and tape to the bottom of the rocket for the flames.

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13 thoughts on “Themed family fun – outer space week

  1. What a fun theme! Kids love space and this is great. I love the activities and especially the rockets. I look forward to your next theme!
  2. Thanks - tomorrow we are linking up for flowers week and then on Monday there will be a new theme.
  3. What a creative project! I wish I can do this but I am a bit busy with a project but if i do have free time I know what to do to keep my son busy =)

  4. You should have a go, it is a lot of fun and worth the effort when you see the smile on their little faces!
  5. I'll definitely be coming back to see more make at home tips. My little one is only 11 months so she's not at the "making" stage but I'm totally craft-deficient so I need loads of ideas!

  6. Love this idea! Definitely something I will try with my little boy, as he really loves playing with chalk at the moment. Thanks for signing up to the #binkylinky
  7. I love doing crafty things like that rocket. Sadly, I think I enjoy it more than my twins at times! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky
  8. I know what you mean Emily! I'm sure that I have more fun then Faith does lol! Thanks for commenting :-)

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