Themed family fun – Fish week

Welcome to fish week!

This week we decided to make a picture of a fish in the sea. The main thing I like about these types of crafts is that they really give the children a chance to use their own imaginations and decorate the picture however they like instead of the more structured crafts that I normally do.

This is so easy, but so much fun! All you need is some paper, glue, tissue paper and then any bits and bobs that you have at home to use for decorations.

I cut a large fish shape out of paper and then simply said to Faith that she could decorate it any way that she liked and that I was there to help her with anything that she needed but that I would not tell her how to decorate the fish, it was up to her.

Faith loved this and it was definitely the most she has ever concentrated before as she has had problems before keeping focused when doing things. Faith decided to use gems to decorate the fish so first of all she did a mouth. nose and eyes with the gems. Then she drew on scales and then she stuck a gem onto each scale. She was very particular about the shapes and colours of the gems and the pattern order that she wanted to make and she sat for a good hour decorating which was lovely. We were chatting away the whole time and it was a really lovely relaxed crafting session.

We finished the picture by sticking the fish onto a sheet of blue paper and then glued on some stripes of green tissue paper to make seaweed.
Oops!! Faith holding her artwork upside down!

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Don’t forget to check back on Monday to see the new theme!

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  1. says:
    She made such a lovely job of her fish! I certainly find that the boys like doing crafts that they can do largely by themselves :) Great fun! Thanks for hosting, sorry I'm so late, again!
  2. says:
    Thanks Sara :-)

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