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Themed family fun – Circles week

Welcome to circles week!

This week we decided to make a decoration for Faith’s bedroom inspired by circle shapes! I knew that I had a lot of scraps of patterned paper stored away from scrap booking so we started by cutting out lots of circles and we ended up with quite a good decoration if I do say so myself! 

If you would like to make your own, this is what you will need.

* Different coloured or patterned paper.
* A glass or something else circular shaped to draw around.
* Scissors.
* Glue.
* A piece of ribbon.


1) Draw around your glass onto the paper and then cut out 16 circles. 

2) Fold each circle in half so that the pattern is on the inside.

3) Take a folded circle and spread some glue onto the outside of one side. Stick the outside edge of another folded circle onto the glued one to make a whole flat circle. Make another.

4) Spread glue all over the flat of one of the circles that you have made and then place the ribbon on top. Now use the other circle that you made to sandwich the ribbon inside and you end up with a 3D circle which is attached to the ribbon.

5) You then repeat steps three and four with the remaining circles until you have four 3D circles attached to your ribbon. You can now leave to dry and once dry hang in your child’s room.

A simple decoration to make with your child although I apologise for my instructions as I am starting to find that I am not so good at explaining how to make things!

If you have been inspired by this weeks theme then I would love for you to link up your circle inspired posts below. For more information of this linky then please take a look at the themed family fun page at the top of my blog.

Don’t forget to check back on Monday to find out the next theme!

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  1. says:
    This looks fab - my little one is too young for this sort of thing, but I have so much spare scrapbook paper, you've inspired me to make something similar for her nursery xx
  2. Such a great crafty idea. I'm teaching my two year old twins about shapes at the moment, so this may be a good activity for us. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky
  3. Anonymous says:
    Looks cute and I totally got the instruction so your okay =)

    I wish I can do this! #BinkyLinky
  4. says:
    Thanks Emily :-)
  5. says:
    Thanks Kay - lovely to think I've inspired someone :-)
  6. says:
    Thanks hun :-)

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