Themed family fun.

Many of you have probably already seen or heard about me tweeting and trying to promote my new weekly linky entitled ‘Themed family fun’. If you look at the top of my blog I now have a new page which details what it is all about and on my side bar I have added my badge.

It has come to my attention that I may be stepping on a few bloggers toes as others are doing similar and it may appear that I have copied them. I thought that I should write a post explaining a bit more about how I came up with the idea of the linky and why it is important to me.

I was talking to my daughter Chloe who is taking art as a GCSE about her 10 hour art exam that she has coming up and she was telling me that she has already agreed with her teacher what she will be doing and that she is really pleased as many of her class mates still do not know what they will be doing. I told her that I can understand how terrible it is to be staring at a blank sheet of paper with no clue of what to do and that made me think about the art and craft that I have done with the children over the years. You see, I always seem to be much more creative when there is a theme to follow such as Halloween or Christmas as if it is just general art and craft I seem to find it hard to get going.

I wondered if others may feel the same and then I thought that if I started a linky where we had a theme to follow each week then that may inspire others and myself to have more fun with the kids and as a family and as that is one of the main aims of my blog, it seemed like a great idea. I had a look online to check no one else was doing it and I couldn’t see anything like it so I told my kids and they all thought that it was a great idea. They sat and helped me think of a years worth of themes and my youngest is so excited to get started.

Once I had planned everything and made a badge and so on it was time to get promoting and that is when I first heard that I may be upsetting fellow bloggers who are doing similar things. I really hope that I do not upset any one by going ahead with my linky. All I can do is promise that I have not intentionally copied anyone. I know that there are many different linkys out there and for example I could name three weight loss linkys off the top of my head which are of course all doing the same thing so I hope that my new linky will also be accepted in the same light.

If no one ever takes part I am still determined to do the whole year as my children are so excited and that is worth more then anything but of course it would be the icing on the cake if fellow bloggers did take the time to join in too.

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  1. says:
    I don't think it matters if others are doing something similar Debbie, the blogosphere is huge! Don't let that out you off and if your kids have been inspired by your blog then surely that's reason enough?! Well done.
  2. says:
    Thank you for your kind support :-)

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