Summer holidays

The start of the summer holidays!

Today is the children’s last day at school before the holidays, so at 3pm today it is officially the start of the summer holidays!!

Things have been quite serious at home for quite a while now due to my health issues and other family problems so I am determined to make the next 6 weeks as fun and family orientated as possible to help get us back to enjoying each others company and having a laugh together. I think that when you have long periods of time where things are quite low at home, it is far too easy to forget how to smile and have fun and its all too easy to get stuck in a rut and let life pass you by.

With that in mind I have a bucket full of water bombs in the garden and some loaded water guns waiting for the kids. I have blown up a load of balloons and I have made a ‘summer holiday starts here’ banner and I have 2 water bombs by the front door so that when they get home I can bomb them straight away! I can’t wait to see their faces!!

Sometimes, when things get a bit flat and life can seem like hard work, it can do you all some good to do something totally mad and out of character to shake things up in the house. That’s not to say that I am boring, I use to mess around with water bombs with the kids all the time before I got ill, but like I said, things have been too serious for too long so I’m looking forward to shocking the kids and acting crazy for the rest of today!

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