The signature scent of the Maldives.

Here is what I think would be the perfect description of the Maldives signature scent.

The base of this scent is soft pink rose, the Maldives traditional flower. Coconut and a hint of vanilla are layered together representing the Maldives traditional fruit and the sweetness from the vanilla adds to the fun that the Maldives stands for. The colour of this scent is a delicate light blue that is reminiscent of the beautiful clear blue waters that surround the Maldives. The bottle is speckled with iridescent sparkles that reminds one of the beautiful white sandy beaches and the lid is a golden palm tree.

This scent is the signature sent of the Maldives because it stimulates both your senses of smell and sight, instantly taking you on a journey of pure bliss and luxury.

For more information on visiting the Maldives, take a look at the kuoni website.

This is my entry into the Tots100/Kuoni bloggers challenge.

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