The prompt – week 6.

mumturnedmomWelcome to week six of Sara’s the prompt over at mum turned mom.

The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is:

Pink is for girls

Before I became a parent I would cringe if I ever heard anyone say this as I hate to put labels on people but I must admit that being a mum to three girls does change things somewhat.

I remember before I got pregnant with my oldest and how I would always moan about parents covering their baby girls head to toe in pink and then I gave birth to a baby girl and suddenly it seemed like a great idea and really cute too.

Each child I had, my obsession of pink seemed to grow and at one point during a time in my life that I was learning to drive I even brought myself a pink car!

If having to buy a toy for my kids and there was a choice of blue or pink I would always choose pink and I have even not brought a toy just because it was not sold in girl colours which in my head are pink, purple, red and anything sparkly!

I do not think that I personally would choose to dress my son if I had one in pink although I have no objections to anyone that does.

I guess that society in general has the concept that pink is for girls and as you grow older you are less rebellious so you comply more with the concept maybe?

Whatever it may be, I am a sucker for a baby girl dressed in pink and at the age of 33 years my favourite colours are pink and purple and anything sparkly!

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  1. says:
    It's interesting how your opinions change isn't it? I am not a fan of the girly pinkness... but I also know that if were to have a baby girl, I wouldn't be able to resist all the cute pinky pastel colours and sparkles! #theprompt
  2. says:
    I know, they are so cute :-) Thanks for commenting.
  3. says:
    It's so true, I didn't really expect to end up with quite so much pink, but it just seems to happen :) Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt xx
  4. says:
    Your welcome Sara :-) xx
  5. says:
    At the moment I'm very much in the 'girls don't have to wear pink' camp - I suspect like you, things might change if I actually had a baby girl!
  6. says:
    Yes, you never know lol! Thanks for commenting :-)

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