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mumturnedmomToday’s prompt from mumturnedmom is the following headline.

Lengthen school days and cut holidays, says former Tory adviser’ The Guardian (online) 29 Jan 2014

It really does annoy me when I hear headlines like this as children need some time to be children and play. We all turned out fine going to school for the normal amount of hours and having our school holidays so why should it be any different for our children?

When I use to go to school the hours were 9am to 3:45pm and starting the day at 9am didn’t do me any harm. Now ‘someone’ decided that children would learn more early in the day so my children have to be in school at 8:20am which is in my opinion ridiculous as children still want to go to bed at the same time but now they have to get up extra early to get to school on time meaning that they are very tired and I can not see how that makes learning better. My children are always complaining about having to get up so early and when they get home they are so tired. My older girls that are at high school come home with a mountain of homework each night as well so the idea of making the school day longer seems to me to be one of the silliest things I have heard in a long time.

I also find it difficult to fit in time to do fun activities with the children and as a family as it is, without the children having to be at school for even more time. If school days are lengthened and school holidays shortened when do we get to be together as a family? I love my children and I really enjoy spending time with them and I already feel that they spend too much time at school without any time being added to the school day.

The summer holiday was always something that I would really look forward to and back then it was seven weeks instead of the six weeks that they now have and it would be a time of great adventures for me and something that I often look back upon with fond memories. If we were to shorten the summer holidays I really feel that a lot of childhood adventures would be lost.

I also think that as they have now made it illegal to take your children out of school for a family holiday the idea of making school holidays shorter is preposterous! It will just mean that more families have to miss out on going on holidays as the holiday companies will be able to hike up their prices even more knowing that families are under such pressure to fit in with the schools.

I am sorry if this post has turned into a bit of a rant but it really does get under my skin when I hear things like this.

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  1. says:
    Here hear! It's hard enough to get quality time together as families as it is, not mention just allowing our kids time to be kids. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt xx
  2. says:
    I agree re school hours, what I do think would help is some kind of school linked childcare provision that doesn't cost more per hour than the average person makes going out to work!
  3. Anonymous says:
    Rant away, you're just voicing what the rest of us are thinking! 8:20 is a really start, what time do they finish?
  4. says:
    Thanks Sara - I think I would actually cry if I had to send off the children for ten hours a day!
  5. says:
    Very true Mel.
  6. says:
    Thanks hun. They finish at 2:50pm.
  7. Anonymous says:
    At least they don't have too late a finish, but it's still a really early start for them :(
  8. Anonymous says:
    The idea is just nuts really isn't it? It makes you wonder about home schooling but I think I would be completely useless at that and besides, I work part time. I just want my children to have the same kind of set up that I did - it was completely acceptable and this notion of being stuck in a system 100 years out of date and based on an agricultural economy just feels trumped up by Gove. I'm convinced that the hidden agenda is the desire by the government to remove the necessity to legislate for flexible working and benefits to mums of young children who they deem to be fit for work. #The Prompt
  9. says:
    I used to go to school for 8:15 when I was a teen and it was exhausting, never mind for children as young as 4.
  10. says:
    Yeah I agree. Thanks for commenting :-)
  11. says:
    I know, terrible isn't it. Thanks for commenting :-)
  12. says:
    If school days are lengthened and school holidays shortened when do we get to be together as a family?
    810-440 exam questions

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