The prompt – week 16

mumturnedmomThis week over at Mumturnedmom the prompt is a topic and that topic is – Guilty pleasures.

Back in November of last year you may remember my listography post which was my top five guilty pleasures. I have linked this post to that one as my guilty pleasures have not really changed very much since then. 

The very phrase guilty pleasure is a bit of a oxymoron as guilt is not something that I can relate to as pleasure but then I am being a bit picky as of course it is really a tongue in cheek phrase. I find that most of my guilty pleasures are things that are quite childish as I am a big kid at heart. As a mum of three children and at the age of 33 years I feel that I should be more grown up by now but I am secretly (or not so secretly now!) still a big kid so most of my guilty pleasures are things that I am some what embarrassed about, but then I guess that is why it is a guilty pleasure! 

10 thoughts on “The prompt – week 16

  1. Yeah, maybe the phrase is more accurately 'embarassing pleasures' (bit like enjoying watching 'Embarassing Bodies' I suspect!) and not 'guilty pleasures'!! #theprompt
  2. Have to agree that the term is an oxymoron! I do enjoy a boogie in my kitchen as well though ;-) #ThePrompt
  3. I've just read your list, I have every season of Buffy and Angel on DVD, love, love love them :) As you say, not really guilty pleasures, but perhaps ones we are a little embarrassed to admit to ;) Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x
  4. Great isn't it! I still watch it now, it never gets old and I absolutely loved the musical episode - I have the cd and I still often play it. My two older girls also love it so it is going through the generations!
  5. Like you and Sara I have a real weakness for vampire shows too, especially The Vampire Dairies. Did I say that out loud?! #ThePrompt

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