The prompt – week 10.

mumturnedmomThis weeks prompt from mumturnedmom is a scenario and it is:

If I had three wishes…

I should say that if I had three wishes I would wish for world peace, no more poverty and the cure for cancer but I suspect that most people would say those things and as great as they are, I would like to talk about things from a more personal point of view.

So, if I had three wishes I would wish for;

1) A perfect body.
2) The health and happiness of my whole family.
3) A career in acting or writing my two biggest passions.

I know that wishing for a perfect body is shallow but for me, it is not just about being vain, it is also about my confidence and self-esteem as well, along with eliminating the added health implications being very over weight can bring.

Of course I would want my family to all be healthy and happy so that wish is pretty self-explanatory.

My final wish would be to enjoy a career as either an actor or a writer as I am very passionate about both of those subjects and the idea of ‘work’ involving those subjects would be a dream come true. I guess it is the same as the footballer who get paid to play football, most young boys dream job and the singer who gets paid to sing. Getting paid to act or write would be my dream come true.

As is most probably human nature, I did consider the wish of more wishes as there are many more things that I would like to wish for but then I remembered in every story that I have even read or seen, the wish for more wishes are never aloud.

That is also probably a good thing as I get the sense that if we as human beings had an unlimited supply of magic wishes we would never run out of things to wish for and I am sure that living life and working hard to achieve your dreams is much more satisfying then simply wishing for things anyway.

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  1. says:
    VaiChin @Rambling Through Parenthood: I identify with each one of your 3 wishes. I would want them too. #ThePrompt
  2. Anonymous says:
    Oh I'm so glad its not just me that has a body-based wish! I had the exact same thoughts about wishing for world peace, etc. The career one is something I identify with too - there is so much competition in fields like acting and writing that you have to accept that it just might never happen but it would be nice if you could wish it into being! #ThePrompt
  3. says:
    Yes I'm glad that it's not just me also! Thanks for commenting :-)
  4. says:
    It's nice to know that other people feel the same as me! Thanks for commenting :-)
  5. says:
    I can relate to all those wishes, I think we all want to feel confident, do something we love and take care of the people around us xx Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x
  6. says:
    Yes, very true. Thanks for commenting :-)
  7. says:
    Great wishes! Go for it, girl! They all require work and determination, but writing them down (in this case typing them!) is the first step towards achieving them! x Mel
  8. says:
    Yes, just a shame I can't make three wishes and they all come instantly true lol! Thanks for commenting :-)
  9. says:
    Haha, can you imagine how odd it would be, though, if you woke up one morning and they had all come true. You would probably be 'slightly' frazzled as a celebrity with a perfect body and a happy family (who has a happy family in the morning?). Mel #ThePrompt
  10. says:
    I can definitely relate to the perfect body wish, I would give anything to be slim and to be able to wear whatever I wanted, but I just love my food too much!! #ThePrompt
  11. says:
    Great wishes, I'd like them too, to be confident in my own skin would be such a life changer #ThePrompt
  12. says:
    Yeah that would be strange lol!
  13. says:
    I know that feeling hun!
  14. says:
    Yeah it would be great - guess we just have to learn to love what we have!

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