The prompt – inevitable?

mumturnedmomThe Prompt from Mumturnedmom for this week is a scenario and it is:
It was inevitable…

Inevitable is a word that I do not like! I know that it sounds a bit silly to dislike a word but I suppose that it is the meaning of the word that I dislike. Inevitable means that it was bound to happen as if there is no choice available and that is something that never sits well with me. 

The dictionary app on my computer says – 
Adjective *impossible to avoid or prevent
                *predictable, or always happening

Noun * Something that is predictable, or cannot be avoided.

If we all sat and thought that things in life were inevitable then why try and change things? An example of this could be two parents that are over weight who have a child and that child may be over weight too and think to themselves that it was inevitable that they would also be over weight and that’s that. Well, it is not that! You can always try to change things, no matter what life throws at us we can always choose how we re-act to the things that happen and we can always make plans and take action to try and change them. 

The word inevitable gives me the impression that one would give up as there is nothing that can be done and very rarely in life is this true. Of course there are times that nothing can be done in terms of terminal illness but you can still fight to live as long as possible, as new treatments are being researched and discovered all the time and you never know what may happen in the future. I have heard of people being told that they have only three months to live and they defied that and made full recoveries. If they had surrendered and accepted things as they were told then that probably would not have happened.

In my opinion, as long as we have free will, nothing is inevitable!

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  1. I like this, and I know just what you mean. I'm all for free will and believing anything can be achieved, which is sort of belied by this word. I am with you!
  2. says:
    Great post Denise! You are absolutely right, many things are not inevitable, we have the power to influence the outcome with our choices, and we should never just give up and allow things to happen to us. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt
  3. says:
    Thank you Sara :-)
  4. says:
    Thank you hun :-)
  5. Anonymous says:
    Ooh that's a really philosophical point Denise! Do we have free will or is everything pre-written in the stars? I do believe that we have the power to turn things around though as you say! X #ThePrompt
  6. says:
    Here here! Totally agree Denise, we all have the power to change our path, and ensure the future is brighter than the past #ThePrompt
  7. says:
    Thanks hun, love that comment :-)
  8. says:
    Thanks hun :-)
  9. says:
    Now that has given me food for thought! great post :-)
  10. says:
    Thanks Lou :-)

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