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mumturnedmomThis weeks Prompt from the lovely Sara over at Mumturnedmom is a topic and it is:

My favourite smell…

There are many smells that I love such as the beautiful smell of a new born baby, I remember when Faith was small and I would hold her up to my nose and breath in her delicate scent that was ever so slightly unique to her. 

I love the smell of freshly washed sheets and anything that smells clean such as soaps, furniture polish and kitchen cleaners. I also love the smell of petrol although I wouldn’t want my home to smell of it! 

I love smells that remind me of things such as cinnamon which always reminds me of Christmas and coconut which always reminds me of the sun tan oil we used when on our family holidays in Salou in Spain. I love the fact that with just one whiff of certain smells you can close your eyes and instantly be transported back in time to memories of precious days and sometimes it can feel so real that you can almost taste things from the memory.

One of the things that I really love about the fact that I have given up smoking this year is how much my sense of smell has improved although this is not always such a good thing! 

I have always been one for sweet smells, I love scented candles that smell of candyfloss, oranges and Christmas cookies. I love using shower gels and body butters that smell of chocolate and vanilla and I love perfumes that also have a sweet smell to them rather then floral types.

My absolute favourite perfume is ‘Midnight fantasy’ by Brittany Spears, closely followed by ‘Fantasy’ which was the first of the two, so they are quite similar in fragrance. When Darren brought me a special gift set which contained both bottles which fit together to form a sphere a couple of years ago I was absolutely thrilled. 

There are so many wonderful smells, it really is impossible to pick just one!

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  1. says:
    Ahhhh all such lovely smells. I have the same memory of suntan lotion when I smell coconut and I love scented candles too, vanilla ones are my fave :-)
  2. says:
    Funny how similar we all seem to be when I read these posts in ThePrompt :-)
  3. says:
    Such lovely smells! Petrol, that was a smell I loved until I was pregnant for the first time, now I can't bear it :) I love how smells bring such wonderful memories with them, it is very hard to choose just one x Thanks so much for linking with #ThePrompt x
  4. Anonymous says:
    I now see what you mean Denise about our thoughts being so similar on this, down to the mention of body butters! You have also just reminded me of my Palmers body lotion which I used to rub on my big pregnant tummy both times and the smell of chocolate so yummy. If I smell that now it will definitely transport me back to a special time. X #theprompt
  5. says:
    Glad to see that it is not only me with the petrol, hubby always looks at me like I'm bonkers when we go to the petrol station! xx
  6. says:
    I know, funny isn't it? We are all so lucky to have so many happy memories to be reminded of too :-) xx
  7. says:
    There are so many wonderful smells in our lives that can take us back to a different place in time. Lovely post #theprompt
  8. Coconut reminds me of holidays too!
  9. says:
    Funny how certain scents can bring the same themed memories for different people like the cocoanut :-)
  10. says:
    Thank you hun :-)
  11. says:
    Lovely selection. Midnight Fantasy is my favourite perfume too!
  12. says:
    Gorgeous isn't it :-)
  13. says:
    Aww, lovely post. The bit about your daughter and her smell is very vibrant. Well done for giving up smoking. X
  14. says:
    Thank you Chrissie :-) xx

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