The key to happy mornings.

The mornings can be rather hectic and stressful when you have children to get to school and especially so if you also have to get to work. The key to happy mornings is quite simply to ‘prepare’. The more that you can get done the night before the more smoothly your morning will go. There are lot’s of things that you can do ahead of time to make life easier, so here are my top three.
Choose what you are wearing the night before. This may sound silly, but it really does help to get you off to a great start when you have picked out your clothes the night before. To start with, you do not waste any time wondering what to wear. You also do not have to worry if you have a stain or a missing button or the fact that it needs ironing as by picking the outfit ahead of time you can easily address these issues or choose something else. You can also do this with your children as well. Explain to them what you are doing and why you are doing it and if there’s no school so no uniform ask your children to help pick an outfit for them that you are both happy for them to wear.
If you take a packed lunch to work or your children take one to school, you can save a lot of time by making the lunches the night before and storing them in the fridge over night. I always do this and the food tastes just as good as if I had made it that morning and I’ve never had any complaints. As long as you wrap the sandwiches in food bags or cling film they will be fine in the fridge. Then in the morning you can simply grab and go!
Pack your bags.
Pack school bags and P.E kit’s etc. the night before. That way if there is anything missing, you have time to look for it. Once you have everything that you will be walking out the door with in the morning, place it all by the door with a note reminding you of anything that can not be put there like the lunches that are in the fridge.

These three things may sound simple but if you start doing them every day you will find that your mornings are much more happy and organised.

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