Our Pets Topic in Our Home School

A girl holding a tray of homemade dog treats, a clay painted paw print and the same girl holding a dog

Welcome to what we did for our pets topic in our home school. FJ chose three pets to study; dogs, cats and hamsters. We had so much fun but spent more time on dogs than the other two as we are huge dog lovers, so we got a bit carried away! Peanut butter dog treats. Our boys loved these! I just had a look on Pinterest to find some recipes and went with the easiest which we had the ingredients[Read more]

Pet hamsters: mini topic ideas

pet hamster - mini unit study/topic ideas

We have been homeschooling for a few months now and we are using a topic-based style (unit study). We are currently studying pets as our topic and as there are so many different pets to study, I asked FJ to think of three that she would like to study in more detail. FJ choose dogs, cats and hamsters. I love coming up with ideas to inspire home school topics so here are my ideas for a mini hamster topic. Ideas[Read more]

Pet cats: mini topic ideas

pet cats: mini topic ideas/unit study

As a mum who is home educating my 11-year-old daughter using a topic based (unit study) style of learning, I enjoy putting together ideas for topics to study. We are currently studying pets but as there are so many different animals under the umbrella of pets, I asked FJ to pick three to study in more detail. FJ picked dogs, hamsters and cats. Here is a mini study guide for learning about cats.  Ideas Write a poem about a cat[Read more]

Birthday boys!

My three boys are not just animals to me, they are part of the family. They are so important to me as they bring me so much joy, companionship and loyalty. I really do not know what I will do when they pass on. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that as I regard them as members of the family it seemed only natural to me that on Leo’s first birthday we would celebrate with a[Read more]