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Hello and welcome to my August news post. A monthly update on all things real life, what I’ve been doing, watching on TV, and anything else that has been happening. It has been a busy month and much more positive than the previous few months. Hopefully, things are on the up!

Keaton turned two

It does not seem possible to think that it has been two years since I helped support Chloe to bring this little man into the world! He has been such a blessing to us all, such a happy little chap. He really makes my heart swell with pride and love. 

For his 2nd birthday, Chloe threw a dinosaur-themed party at our house. I was tasked with making the cake and we did the party the day before his actual birthday so that we could take him out on his birthday like we did last year

It was a lovely little party and he really enjoyed himself which is what it is all about.

Best made plans

We had planned to take Keaton to Old McDonalds Farm on his actual birthday but when we arrived the rain was quite heavy and the sky was full of black clouds. We were saying that we would just have to make the best of it, but the lovely people at the farm offered us the chance to change our tickets which I thought was amazing. So we moved our tickets to the end of the month in the hope that the weather would be better. We then went to Go Bananas soft play instead. 

The indoor play was a much better option. It was one that we had not been to before, so extra exciting for Keaton to explore! We then went to a restaurant for some dinner. So, we still had a lovely day with the farm visit as something to look forward to later in the month. 

We went to Old McDonald’s farm on the last weekend of August and had an amazing time there. A full review will be coming to the blog soon, where you can read all about what we got up to on our visit. 

The dogs celebrated their birthdays

Regular readers of the blog will know that each year we throw a birthday celebration for all three of the dogs to celebrate their retrospective birthdays. Officially Prince’s birthday is in July, and then Cody and Leo are both in August. We combined the three birthdays into one big celebration.

This year we started with a visit to the park. Then they all had baths and I groomed Cody and Prince. Leo has different hair that does not need cutting so he just got lots of brushing so that he was included! In the afternoon my sister brought her dog round. My mum, older girls, son-in-law, and grandson also came over and we did presents and cake. 

Thorpe park

Lauren won four tickets to Thorpe park via a competition on IG. Lauren kindly invited Darren and me to join her and James. I decided to pay for Faith to come along too so that she was not left out. It was lovely to get out and actually join in, having missed a few days out already this year due to being unwell. However, this time it was Darren who was unwell. He was actually sick a few times in the park, but being the only driver, he had to do his best and get us home at the end of the day! I still enjoyed the day although I didn’t get to go on much as I was keeping a poorly Darren company!


I decided to take Faith into London for the day as a treat. Even though we spend a lot of time together in home school, it is not the same as being out for a fun day. I wanted it to be just us two so that she got all of the attention. I think it is important to spend quality time with each of your children, especially when they are in their teenage years. 

Faith is a big fan of Asian culture so I planned for us to visit the Japanese garden in Holland Park and dinner in Chinatown. I also booked us tickets to see ‘Everybodys talking about Jamie’ at the Apollo. The show was absolutely amazing! We had such a good day together making some beautiful memories. 


I finally got to go to Friendsfest! Chloe brought us tickets to go for Mothers day 2020. We were booked in for July 2020 but of course, everything was cancelled that year. We were then all set to attend July 2021 but the morning of our day out I was terribly unwell. Luckily, they agreed for us to attend the August one in Milton Keynes instead! There will be a review coming to the blog soon where you can read all about what we got up to while there!

Early morning experiments

In my last news post, I was talking about how we have been getting up early after reading about the miracle morning. This did not work for me! I do not know if it is related to the years that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or if I am just not built for early mornings. Unfortunately for me, this did not make me more productive but actually less productive!

The problem was that I was able to get up early, but by eleven AM I was falling asleep. If I kept on my feet, I could just about fight through it but for most of my day I sit at a computer and I was falling asleep on my desk! I would sleep for about two hours so the extra time gained by getting up early was being lost. In the evening I could not function to do any work. As I normally work four nights a week, I was getting really behind. 

I thought that if I kept with it, my body would adapt. Instead, all I was doing was making myself miserable and falling behind with work so I ended up giving up. As it turns out, I guess for some of us, early mornings are just not made for how we are wired. At least I gave it a go. I am also lucky that  I get to work from home and home school Faith so that I can adapt my work hours to suit my needs. I know that not everyone is that lucky. 

What I’ve been watching on TV

We finished the Vampire Diaries (Darren’s first time watching, my fourth!) that we had been binge-watching in June. While we had been watching that we had quite a few shows to catch up with. 


This month we watched the new season of Manifest. It is one of my favourite shows and I was mortified to hear that it had been cut. We would never find out what really happened to flight 828 or the answers to the other thousand unanswered questions! Luckily Netflix has saved the day and there is supposed to be a fourth season in spring 2022. 

Prodigal son

I was a huge fan of Prodigal Son and spoke about it a lot in my what I’ve been watching sections in my news posts. However,  I have so far only watched the first five episodes of the new season as it just seems very different. The main character seems so much darker than in season one and I am not really enjoying it. I will probably go back to it and give it a second chance but for now, there are other things that I like much more. I have also found out that it has now been cut so season two is the last season. 

All the Drag Races

I absolutely adore RuPaul’s drag race so I have been watching the UK version, the Canadian version, and the down under version! None are as good as the original but still worth a watch if you are a fan. We have also been watching All-stars six as well!

How to get away with Murder

Okay, so as always, I am probably a little late to this show! There are six seasons on Netflix. However, I started watching it at the beginning of August and I am obsessed and already on season four! It is so good, I can not stress how fantastic it is! How to get away with murder is one of those shows that keeps you guessing the whole way through and every episode ends with a cliffhanger! 

The rest!

In other news, Faith had her hair cut and absolutely hates it so I can not share a picture! Everyone else thinks that it looks good but she is not happy with it at all. The garden has not been touched this month at all! We are terrible for starting projects and then letting things distract us from actually finishing them! We will eventually finish the garden and I will be able to reveal what we did! We have been spending lots of time at the park since we have been brave enough to let the dogs off their leads while there. They love it and we love seeing them happy. 

Goals for September

  • Celebrate my mums birthday
  • Start what would be year nine of Faith’s schooling. 
  • Celebrate our wedding anniversary with an actual date night!
  • Get back into a good routine and catch up with housework and blog work!

How was your August? Good, I hope. If you have enjoyed this post please consider following me on social media or subscribing to my fortnightly newsletter. 

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