five summer decor images - sunflowers in a vase, a mustard yellow milk jug, a posy of sunflowers, a painting of the beach and a wooden sign with lemons

Summer décor ideas

Changing your decor to match the seasons can be a great way to connect with nature and the cycles of the seasons. It does not have to be a big thing. There is no need to redecorate and you can change as much as you like. It could be as simple as changing the cushions on your sofa and the flowers in your vases. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. To learn more about what this means, please click here

What is summer decor?

So when thinking about summer decor that you can change in your home, colours are important. Summer is the season of the sun so yellows and oranges are obvious choices. As is anything with a sun. Sunflowers and other summer flowers are a good choice too. As are oranges, lemons and pineapples. Think about your home’s style and tailor it for summer vibes. 

If you have a young family, then chances are that when you think of summer you think of trips to the beach and ice creams. You could add shells, pictures of ice creams, make an ice cream decorating station in your kitchen or add bright coloured bunting to your garden. Alternatively, if summer makes you think of sunflowers and homemade lemonade then vases of sunflowers, bowls of lemons and prints with picnic rugs and lemonade jugs will be more suited to your home’s style. 

What to change?

There are so many options and how much you want to change is completely up to you. This is an enjoyable experience so do not put yourself under any pressure. Some people just change vases of flowers and art prints in a couple of rooms, others go all out. For example, you could change your bedding, wall art, flowers and rug in your bedroom for an instant summer bedroom upgrade.  If you are unsure when to make the changes for the seasons then feel free to download my seasonal calendar in my freebie library. If you have not been in there before then you will need a password which you can receive immediately after signing up for my free fortnightly newsletter. 

Summer decor inspiration

Here are some ideas of the types of things that you can change and what is currently available in terms of home decor. 

Wilko £2.50
Sunflowers and other floral fake leaves in a glass vase
Wilko £12
sunflower garland
Amazon £14.99
3 black and white canvases with colour sunflower popping on the art
Amazon £14.59
Wilko £6
Fake lemon tree in small white pot for summer decor
Amazon £6.69
A sign with lemons and a slogan for summer décor
Amazon £11.95
Bee happy wooden decoration with a bumble bee in yellow and grey
Studio £7.99
String of lights that look like slices of lemons
Amazon £12.99
Image for Summer Lemon Duvet Set from studio
Studio – prices start at £28
A art picture of the sea and beach with people enjoying the summer
The Range £10
Lemon themed wreath for summer décor
Amazon £28.51
light blue and green silicone tray with a pattern of lemons
The Range £1.99
4 bright colourful summer themed cushions
Amazon £10.99
A lifesaver decorated in blue with white text stating 'welcome aboard' and decorated with nautical items .
Amazon £23.58
Image for Outdoor Pair of Light Up Pineapple Scatter Cushions from studio
Studio £19.99 for a pair
Summer décor Gnomes with sunflowers on their hats
Amazon £5.99
Summer décor banner hung to an indoor fire place
Amazon £7.99
The Range £2.49
A outside flag with sunflowers and the wording 'home sweet home'
Amazon £5.99
Four sunflower vintage themed cushions
Amazon £12.89
Art print of three lemon trees for summer décor
The Range £7.50
Garland of paper ice cream cones
Amazon £4
Mental vintage inspired ice cream sign with the text 'all you need is ice cream'
Amazon £4.95

I hope that I have inspired you with your Summer decor this year. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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