Summer holidays

Summer 2014 update – part two

Hello my friends, can you believe that it is the 1st of September today already? The summer holidays have flown by for us and we have been so busy organising everything for all of the changes that we have going on in our lives at the moment.

Since my last post we have been having lots more fun out and at home. To see what we did for the first part of the summer click here.

We had our annual family barbecue which is always something that the children really look forward to. We invite our family and we also let the children invite a few friends and then we let the friends of our older two girls sleep over that night too. The day went really well and we managed to avoid the rain which is always a plus for the UK! 

We have been to the cinema, park and library and at home we have been out in the garden, baking, playing board games and doing lots of crafts.

I think that this photo sums up our summer of fun rather nicely. Faith was so tired from so much fun and excitement she fell asleep sitting up – bless her!

After my selection day at uni, I received the news that I have been offered a place on the social work degree, which of course I have accepted, so I will be starting full time university on September 15th! I am mega excited but also quite nervous as it has been a long time since I have studied after being ill and at home for so long!

Lauren has attended her induction at sixth form today and came home very happy and excited. She will start properly on Wednesday when Chloe and Faith will also be returning to school. Chloe will be starting year 11 so she has an exciting but hard school year ahead of her and Faith will be starting year two with a new teacher and one that I hope she will continue to like and hopefully start to enjoy her time at primary school.

Darren has also just been offered a job which he will be accepting and starting work on September 8th so it is all go at our house! 

With so many changes happening at home I will have less time and so much more to do, I have been really struggling to know what to do with my blog. I love writing my blog and the whole community of blogging and of course the wonderful opportunities that my blog has given me so I really do not want to give up my blog but I also know that I will not be able to devote the time and effort that I have done so far over the last year. I have decided to try and keep it going but I will have to reduce the amount of posts and time that I spend on my blog so I will probably loose a lot of my readers and drop in the blog rankings but for those of you that decide to stay with me, I thank you and once I have qualified in three years time I hope to be able to devote more time and effort back to my blog and my more regular posts will then return. 

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