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Summer 2014 update

Hello out there! So sorry for the lack of recent posts, life has a funny way of getting in the way of blogging!

The summer holidays are keeping us busy and we have been having so much fun and I have also been very busy organising my application to university and attending my social work degree selection day. 

Haven’t we been lucky this summer with such beautiful weather, it really has been lovely. We have spent so much time in the garden and we purchased a paddling pool which has kept Faith busy splashing around and even Chloe has been out in it too. 

We have been to the cinema, bowling, farm, car boot sales, park and soft play centres. We have also been doing the reading challenge at our local library which is something that I use to do with my older girls when they were younger and now I am doing with Faith. 

We have just returned from a trip away at Drayton Manner theme park which was fantastic and enjoyed by all.

We have also been busy indoors doing science experiments, arts and crafts and cooking cakes and making pizzas. 


It has been lovely and we still have 19 days to enjoy before the children all go back to school!

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