Pink ribbon for breast cancer, myself and Elliot inside a cinema, Darren and Keaton with a sparkler on bon fire night and me with my new pink hair
Life update

Staying positive, cancer and other news

Welcome to my monthly news post, looking back at November 2021. It has not been a great month if I am honest but there are always positives to be found if you look hard enough!

Breast Cancer

Regular readers may already know that I have been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. It does not get any easier to type, no matter how many times I write it! I wrote about the process and emotional journey of finding the lump to diagnosis here, if you fancy a look. 

We have a plan in place now and it is treatable which is great news but it has still somewhat floored me. The doctors were all so convinced it would be nothing as I’m only 41 and have no known family history of breast cancer so it was quite a shock. 

Although it has been hard, there are still so many positives to take from it. Firstly, that I found it so early. That is what makes it treatable. The fact that I have this small platform to share what has happened, to hopefully encourage other women (or men) to check regualry and see a doctor if they find anything unusual. It has also been very humbling to see how many people care about me. Life can feel very lonely at times but this has shown me how many people do actually care. 

What I’ve been watching

Both myself and Darren have unlimited Cineworld cards. I love going to the cinema as being an overthinker I can get so distracted at home when watching things. However, when you are at the cinema you can’t go on your phone or write lists so you can get lost in the films and it gives your brain a rest. 


Venom: Let there be carnage

Popcorn with wording in the middle that says 'movie of the month' with five gold stars underneath.

I had been excitedly awaiting this second film as I absolutely loved the first one. The film is rated certificate 15 and once again stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock who shares his body with an alien named Venom. 

This follow up did not disappoint at all. It was fantastic and full of great humour too! There is also an exciting tease in the Marvel movies at the end after the first part of the credits so if you watch this in the cinema, make sure you wait to see it!

Rons gone wrong

This animated movie (certificate PG) is such a lovely film. Themes on what makes a friendship work and our use of technology being made fun of, make this a very touching but also funny watch. This film made me laugh out loud so many times but also brought a tear or two to my eyes as well. Highly recommend. 


Another Marvel movie! Eternals is rated 12A and introduces some new heroes to the franchise. These heroes have been living on earth for thousands of years and are drawn out by events following on from the Avengers End Game movie. I really enjoyed this film. It had a good storyline with some unexpected twists near the end. 


The Jungle

Well, I was enjoying watching another season of I’m a celebrity get me out of here, but of course, it is all currently on hold due to bad weather. It is the only reality type program I watch since Celebrity Big Brother was cut. 

Love hard

A lovely find on Netflix was this Christmas movie. It stars Nina Dobrev who was one of the main characters in Vampire Diaries (my all-time favourite show!) which was a total bonus for me! This romantic comedy will give you all of the Christmas feels, I absolutely loved it!

Another life

This is a sci-fi program that I found on Netflix. There are two seasons so far. It is about an artefact that lands on earth set in the future where space travel is normal. There are two stories that run alongside each other. The first is the team that is sent into space to visit the planet of the aliens that have landed to find out what the aliens intentions are. Are they hostile or do they come in peace? The second is what is happening on earth while the team is away. I really enjoyed this and I hope that they continue to make more. The ending of the last season was one of those endings where it could be the end forever but there is still a door open to continue if they wanted to.

Bonfire night

We had a quiet bonfire night, just invited Chloe and Keaton over. We did some sparklers and a few low noise fireworks but Keaton being only two was not a fan. 

The rest!

In other news, I have had another hair disaster! The plan was to apply more bleach to my dark roots and the bits that were not as blond and then put a dark pink on top. It was a kind of dusky pink. Well, I now have bright pink hair! Quite patchy in places too! Oh well, I am getting used to having odd hair now!

Also, I have booked a holiday for next June for myself and Darren. I feel that getting through the surgery and radiotherapy that is coming my way, I deserve some fun in the sun. I just hope that COVID doesn’t ruin it for us! It was a cracking deal though. One week in Salou in our favourite hotel, all-inclusive, flights, transfers and luggage. £700 total with only a £60 deposit needed. Elliot didn’t want to go abroad (are they even my child?!) as they said that they do not like heat and they do not want to get a tan! 

Right, well that is all of my news for now. I hope that you have had a good month and I would love to hear your thoughts and what you have been up to in November. 

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