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Stay at home date night ideas

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Being at home does not need to limit your fun or romance for your at home date night! Here are nine ideas to inspire you and your love.

At home spa night

Create a spa experience for you to both enjoy at home. 

You Could;

  • Share a bath together
  • Play calming music
  • Put candles everywhere
  • Use facemasks
  • Massage each other
  • Use a foot spa or bowls of warm water.
  • Hand massage and/or manicures
  • Head massage and/or brush each others hair
  • Light incense or use aromatherapy oils. 

Cook a romantic meal together

Cooking together can be fun and also very sensual. Try making something new so that you are learning together and get to try something new at the end. You could use a recipe book or an online tutorial. At the end you get to sit and enjoy what you have created together. 

romantic table setting for an at home date night
Dining at home can be just as romantic as eating out

Have a game night together

Either board games or video games or a combination of both. You could each choose three games and then make a table and decide on a points system. The winner could win a prize or perhaps the looser could have a forfeit! Make sure that the rules are all agreed at the start to avoid any falling out and have lots of nice snacks on hand to keep you both going. 

Home video night 

Find your oldest films of the two of you together and your family. Don’t forget your wedding video if you are married and you have one. You can get lots of movie snacks and a bottle of something that you both enjoy and curl up together and reminisce about your time together. This is especially good if you have been together for a very long time as you will have lots to look back on. 

You may need to do quite a bit of prep for this one as you probably have old camcorder footage which you will need to get changed to digital files but it will be well worth it. Make sure you have some tissues on hand as it could get emotional!

Man and women watching something on a laptop, smiling
Reminiscing together can bring you closer together


You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube so why not pick a style of dance that you have always wanted to try together and learn together for your at home date night. You could be romantic and learn a dance such as a waltz or spice things up and learn to salsa. 

Make sure that you have lots of water and fresh towels on hand and you could even extend the night by showering together afterwards!

Picnic under the stars

This is easier if you have a garden but you could also try moving your mattress to the window. If you turn your lights off and open the window you may still get a good view.

You can wrap yourselves together in blankets and enjoy a picnic which includes flasks of soup and hot chocolate to keep you warm. As you gaze at the stars you can see which constellations you can spot. 

Stars in a dark sky
Watching the stars can be incredibly romantic

Cocktail evening

Not one for if you have young kids to look after early next morning! Using online tutorials you can have an evening learning to make (and taste!) different cocktails. You could even experiment and make your own as well! This could be a lot of fun but be careful of how much you drink, especially if you are prone to hangovers! 

Hot tub night!

Not one for everyone as it depends on how much space you have in your garden and how big your budget is. However, if you can afford it and you know that you would make good use of it, then getting a hot tub could be a good move. 

You could have a night of luxury and romance in the hot tub with a glass of bubbles and some chocolate covered strawberries. Pure bliss!

Erotic game and toys night!

Why not have an at home date night in your bedroom for some steamy fun! There are lots of different games and toys available online, so you are sure to find something that you are both happy with. Remember, you are never too old and you have never been together too long to enjoy a night of passion between the sheets!

Couple about to kiss home date night
Date nights are sure to keep the spark in your relationship

So that is nine different date night ideas that you can do at home. I hope that you have found it useful and that you are inspired to try some of them out. I would love to know what you think and as always I love to hear from you. 

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