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Summertime can be hard on our feet when we have to wear socks and the heat is high! I hate having hot feet and a number of foot skin conditions can occur when your feet sweat a great deal. When the lovely people from the Sock Shop offered me the chance to try out some of their socks, I jumped at the chance as I knew that they sell bamboo socks. 

The sock shop

The sock shop was founded in Britain in 1983 by Sophie Mirman and Richard P. Ross. Over the years they experienced great success and now supply to over 240 countries worldwide. A testament to a company that is doing things right! As you would expect they have a great range of socks to choose from, but they also sell other products such as underwear and hats. Should you chose to make a purchase, you can use the code MumMission10 for 10% off your shopping. 

Open laptop with the sock shop website on the screen

What I got

I chose to have a pair from the ladies bamboo colour burst range. They have some lovely colours, it was difficult to choose, but I decided to go for the raspberry beret. The first thing that I noticed when they arrived was how vibrant the colour was. The second was how super soft they feel! Personally, I have never felt a sock so soft! They have handlinked toes which means that the toes are linked together with a single thread so are basically seamless and there is no lumpy bit in the toes like with other socks. They are really nice comfortable socks and I am really pleased with them. 

Ladies Pink bamboo socks from the sock shop










I also got my husband a pack of men’s bamboo socks in plain black. My husband is an HGV driver for a local skip hire company so he has to wear work boots every day for work, no matter the weather. I was excited to see how he would get on with the bamboo socks as bamboo has a natural antibacterial property that can help to prevent odour. Bamboo is also 3-4 more times absorbent than cotton helping to keep feet healthy and dry in hot weather.  








The results were fantastic! Darren said that they were really soft and comfortable and his feet felt much less sweaty at the end of the day! He was a very happy hubby!

Win a £15 Voucher to spend at Sock Shop!

If you would like to get your feet on a £15 voucher to spend at the sock shop then enter the competition below before the closing date – September 5th, 2019.

Sock Shop

61 thoughts on “Win with the Sock Shop

  1. My favourite socks on the sockshop have to be the Eeyore slipper socks because I absolutely love all things Disney as well anything comfy and warm so these would be perfect!
    1. Love these socks as I have really sensitive skin - love the plain bamboo uncuffed as they don't irritate my toes!!
  2. I love the look of the Harry Potter House Badge Socks! I am a big Harry Potter fan, they're fab! x
    1. SOCKSHOP DISNEY PRINCESSES EMBROIDERED DETAIL COTTON SOCKS are my faves. Love anything Disney but I particularly like how subtle these are. I could wear them anywhere without it being too gaudy. Lovely :)
  3. The Elle teddy feather bed socks, they look so warm for winter
  4. I like the TOMMY HILFIGER PLAIN COTTON INVISIBLE FOOTIE SOCKS because they're so useful to wear with loads of types of shoes
  5. I like the Pringle Black Label Argyle Bamboo Socks a classic sock
  6. Ladies 1 Pair Charnos Bamboo Animal and Patterned Socks because I love animals.
  7. the minnie mouse slipper socks are my favourite because they look super comfy and I minnie mouse is one of my favourites.
  8. I absolutely love my fluffy warm socks so i would go for the LADIES 2 PAIR ELLE POPCORN FEATHER SOCKS, love the colours too
  9. I really like the bamboo colour burst range, the colours a fab!
  10. I like the PRINGLE JUNE STRIPED COTTON SOCKS because they are super stylish. I especially like the black and purple ones.
  11. Love the dinosaur trainer socks! They are perfect to wear for work and such fun!
  12. The Charnos Bamboo Animal and Patterned Socks are very cute but also look cosy
    1. My favourites are the bamboo colour burst because they are so colourful.
  13. These are a lovely design and the fact they are made from bamboo is fabulous.
  14. BRIDGEDALE X-HALE TRAILBLAZE SOCKS WITH IMPACT AND PROTECTIVE PADDING - I like all Bridgedale socks; they're very comfortable and long lasting
  15. Love the Wild Feet cotton sports socks
  16. I feel the cold and my ankles swell and wear bedsocks all the time so would choose the ladies two tone bedsocks..
  17. I like the NEON LIGHTS bamboo socks as nice and colourful and very soft
  18. I like the harry potter socks
  19. I like the LADIES 3 PAIR SOCKSHOP WILD FEET SLOGAN COTTON TRAINER SOCKS - they look fun and colourful
  20. I love bright socks like the cargo stripy ones.
    1. Love the Bamboo Socks ♥️thanks for the chance to win 🤞
  22. The teddy geather bed socks look amazing especially for the time of year coming up
  23. I love the look of the Harry Potter House Badge Socks. They would be perfect for my Harry Potter mad son.
  24. loving the colourful novelty socks :)
  25. I love the kids cape socks, my little ones would love them!
  26. ladies 3 pair trainer slogan socks because i wear trainer socks daily, and wear them out quite quickly, so a new supply is always on the shopping list x
  27. It has to be the Harry Potter Badge Socks for me xx
  28. I like LADIES 2 PAIR ELLE BAMBOO LACY ANKLET SOCKS, they look pretty and comfy x
  29. My favourite socks are MENS 3 PAIR PRINGLE CLASSIC BAMBOO ARGYLE SOCKS in black
  30. I love the Wonder Woman cape socks! So cute and I’ve never seen anything like them before!
  31. I love the muppet socks, proper funky for work under my boring uniform
  32. I love the Ladies 3 Pair SockShop Wild Feet Gift Boxed Sloth-Mas Cotton Socks - so many to choose from
  33. I love these socks but don't always get the chance to treat myself 🤞🤞🤞
  34. The bamboo are my fave! So cute!
  35. I like the Ladies 3 Pair Glenmuir Contrast Heel and Toe Bamboo Socks as bamboo socks are so comfy and I have to wear black socks for work, but could sneak those bits of colour in!
    1. I like the striped colour burst bamboo socks. Soft and colourful sounds like a perfect combination.
  36. My favourites are the SockShop Wild Feet Schnauzer Christmas Jumper Gift Bag Socks- love the dog design and hearts . They are my favourite colour pink/red and they come in a quirky jumper bag.
  37. I love the SOCKSHOP WELLINGTON BOOT HEAT HOLDERS THERMAL SOCKS as these would keep my feet really warm on my dog walks
  38. I love the Ladies 3 Pair SockShop Sesame Street Socks, because I was a big fan of Sesame street as a child.
  39. Wild feet toffee apple novelty socks are so adorable.
  40. I love the Wonder Woman socks my daughter would love them too
  41. The COLOUR BURST BAMBOO SOCKS definitely. The colours are fab!
  42. I would have the HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS AND GOLDEN SNITCH COTTON SOCKS, because my daughter is Harry potter mad
  43. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan so I love the horse colour designs.
  44. Love the Lulu Guinness Heart Shaped Glasses Bamboo/Cotton socks.
  45. I would love to try some Bamboo socks, these are such great colours, cant be doing with boring socks!!
  46. I love the ladies Elle Teddy Feather Bed Socks as I love getting into my pj's and fluffy socks on Winter nights
  47. I love the Harry Potter socks! Our house is HP mad!
  48. I like the SOCKSHOP WILD FEET HOT CHOCOLATE KNITTED FLEECE LINED BOOTIE SLIPPERS they would be perfect for cosy winter nights in by the fire with a hot chocolate
  49. I love the cotton raven socks because I love all corvids. ❤️
  50. I absolutely adore the Grinch socks, would love to win. Thanks so much for the chance
  51. I love the Eeyore slipper socks, perfect for the colder weather that's coming and they're so cute!
  52. Bamboo is so much better to wear and for the environment.
  53. the minnie mouse slipper socks
  54. I like The Charnos Bamboo Animal and Patterned Socks, as they look very comfortable and adorable!

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