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Social Distancing At Its Best

Yesterday we intended to go crabbing but made the mistake of planning to pick up the needed crab line and bate on the way. They were completely sold out so at the last minute we decided to go to our local seaside instead. 

With it all being last minute I did not have time to think about it very much. There was myself, my husband Darren, Faith our 12 year old and then Chloe our 21 year old and her son Keaton who will be one in August. We could take Chloe and Keaton with us as they are now part of our support bubble as she is a single parent. 

It was not until we arrived in Felixstowe that I started to panic. Visions from the news of overcrowded beaches ran through my head and I wondered if it would be possible to maintain social distancing at the beach. I did not want us to get ill or make anyone else ill for the sake of an afternoon on the beach!

Social distancing done right!

When we arrived at the beach an immediate sense of relief quickly followed by pride swept over me. Everyone was enjoying using the beach but also being respectful of the social distancing rules and it was lovely to see. 


As sad as it is to admit, I do not ever really feel proud of being British. Often I feel ashamed of peoples behaviour and my association with them by being born here. Today was different. I actually felt really proud of everyone using the beach so sensibly and respectfully. It just goes to show that it is still possible to have a fun family day out if we all follow the rules and are considerate of each other. 

Keaton’s first beach trip

This was Keaton’s first trip to the beach and he loved it! It was so much fun watching him playing in the sand. He was fascinated with picking up a handful of sand and watching it fall through his open fingers. He did try to eat the sand a few times though so we had to keep alert! Darren is loving being a grandad and even took Keaton to the water to dip his toes in the sea. Keaton was not keen on this part! 

Grandad and grandson taking first steps on the beach
Keaton was loving the sand between his toes

It is funny as if I had taken more time to think about it, I would of probably said not to go as I would of assumed that it would be packed with people showing no regard to the rules. I guess on the odd occasion it is better not to plan ahead! 

We had such a lovely day and even Faith was caught smiling so it must have been a good afternoon as that can be rare! She’s at the teenager (rather grumpy to be outside phase of life!). 

Faith at the beach
Proof that teenagers can smile outside!
Baby Keaton enjoying the beach
Keaton was loving his first beach trip

Positive news!

I wanted to share this as we are so often bombarded by shocking and disturbing news from the media that I thought it would be nice to actually share some positive news of social distancing being done right. Of course I understand that Felixstowe is a small coastal town and it would much harder to maintain social distancing in a city location due to sheer number of people. 

Beach showing social distancing rules being followed
Different view of people following social distancing rules at the beach

How are you finding the social distancing rules in your area? Have you ventured out much yet since we have been told we can sit outside and even picnic? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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