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Snack ideas for when the kids are at home!

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Most parents will agree that when the kids are at home they go through much more food as children always seem to be hungry! It can be hard to think of low cost healthy(ish) snacks that the kids will actually eat. Especially when the kids are home for a long period of time such as school holidays or if you home school. With that in mind, here are some snack ideas and tips to help you keep them going. 


So this may seem obvious but I am including it as often, kids eat with their eyes. Therefore, if you serve fruit as finger foods with a yogurt dip rather than giving a whole pear, they are much more likely to tuck in. Other ideas for serving fruit is to make pictures with the fruit on the plate such as faces and animals. An easier way of doing this is to use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the fruits as well. 

Fruit can be pricey and of course can quickly go bad, but most supermarkets have good deals on certain fruits each week if you shop the offers. Tinned fruit in natural juice is just as healthy and lasts much longer. As does frozen fruits which are great too. 

It is also worth mentioning that children’s taste buds do change as they grow. So, just because your three year old would only eat grapes, it does not mean that at five it is still the case. It is a good idea to try kids with lots of different fruits at different times as they grow. Also make sure that you model an enjoyment of eating fruit for snacks too, as often children will watch what you are doing and copy your behaviour. 

Forrest picture made using snacks
Stacey Solomon is fantastic at making snacks look fun! I have borrored this picture from https://www.instagram.com/staceysolomon/


Sugar free jelly can be a great snack for those with a sweet tooth. It is cheap and you can use different moulds to make it look more exciting. You can also add fruit and pour the jelly mix over the top to change things up a bit. 

Ice lollies

Make these yourself with sugar free squash for a cheap healthy treat. You could even add some berries to the lollies too!

Crunch mix

Get a large air tight container and add as many of the following as you like. 

  • Pop corn (sweet or plain)
  • Cereal such as cheerios
  • Dried fruit
  • Chocolate covered or yogurt covered raisins
  • Chocolate chips or Milky Way Stars.

Mix it all together and then give a scoop of the mix in a bowl for a snack. Children often like to pick at things so this normally goes down well.

A close up of banana chips
Banana chips make a great addition to the crunch mix


To make these you simply take a slice of bread and cut the crusts off. You then roll the bread with a rolling pin to flatten it. Add your choice of filling and then roll up like a swiss roll and cut into bite sized chunks. You could add peanut butter with or without jam, soft cheese with or without sliced cucumber or whatever you think would be good. 

Cheese and crackers

There are so many cheese based snacks available to buy which if you shop the offers will be good value but you could always just give some sliced cheese and crackers. Filling and very low cost snack. 


These are great as they are versatile and can be frozen and still taste great once defrosted. You can top with just butter or add peanut butter with slices of banana. You could add jam or even cheese. 

Cereal bars

There are many different types and they will always be in offers at the supermarket so stock up when they are reduced. Always great for when you are short on time or the kids want a treat. 

So, hopefully you have been inspired to keep the kids well fed and keep to your shopping budget with these snack ideas. If you enjoyed this post then please do share with others on social media and if you have any comments then I would love to hear from you. 

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