Goal setter planner with rose gold crystal ended pen
Goal setting

The secret to staying motivated

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Over the years I have been asked many times how I stay motivated. For example, when I was at university people would ask how I stayed motivated when writing my dissertation. As a home school mum people often ask how I keep myself and Faith motivated to complete our learning each week. Even as a blogger who works from home, people ask how I stay motivated and keep on blogging!

Clear Goals

The answer is actually really simple. The way that I keep motivated is by always having clear goals. Knowing what I want to achieve by setting goals keeps me on track and is so important to succeeding, no matter what the goal is. 

You start with a main goal. So, with my blog it could be to be consistent with blog posts and grow my audience. You then break this down into mini goals or tasks.

Breaking it down

To break this down I could write that I aim to publish three blog posts each week which I can then plan into my months task list.  Another smaller goal could be to gain 50 new followers on IG. This can then be broken down into smaller tasks which I can then plan into my week. 

This way, each day I know that I am always doing something to move me one step closer to achieving my goals in life and that motivates me to keep going. 

Daily Goal Planner

The daily goal planner from Mal Paper is perfect for this system. It even has information included in the planner to help you do these steps if you are new to goal setting. 

Four pic grid showing pages from the daily goal setter planner
Inside the daily goal setter

It is an undated planner so you can start whenever you like and each day you write three things that you are grateful for and a daily affirmation which helps you start the day on a positive footing. You list your tasks and you can give the tasks a priority ranking using the boxes on the right hand side. There is check boxes on the left hand side to tick off your tasks once you have completed them. 

And so much more!

The planner also includes month review pages so you can see your whole month at a time. Along with weekly review pages where you can add tasks from your goal lists to then transfer to your daily pages. It also has two page marker ribbons which I think is fantastic. I use one to mark my month review and the other to mark my daily page so everything is quick to find when I am planning. 

There is a built in elasticated band to keep it all together and a pocket in the back for any important papers which you want to keep to hand. The quality of the planner is beautiful and I love the attention to detail. For example, at the bottom of every daily page there is a positive quote. There is also a space for you to reflect on what went well that day too. 

The goal setter planner with a rose gold pen and a rose gold and white purse in the background.
The best planner that I have ever used

Final thoughts and a discount code!

I absolutely love this planner and it is the best practical planner I have ever used to date. I have always been good at staying motivated by setting myself goals but this planner helps me to take it to another level. Each day I feel super organised and really positive, it is brilliant. If you decide to take your goal setting to the next level, use the code BRSPECIAL15 for 15% off your purchase. 

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