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Sea Life Adventure

As part of our under the sea home school study we decided to visit Southend Sea Life Adventure aquarium. We purchased our tickets online as you get a discount that way. It cost us £34.85 for two adults and a child. 

When you enter you can get your hand stamped so that you can come and go as you please throughout the day. 

Inside the sea life centre as you would expect, there are lots of interesting sea life creatures. What we didn’t expect, was to see other animals such as monkeys and meerkats! 

They have added to the centre with an outside area which has picnic benches and land animals. They have plenty of areas selling food and drink although it is quite pricey so I was glad that I had packed us a picnic.

They have a number of talks throughout the day but Faith did not want to listen to any of the talks this time. 

We spent approximately three hours in the centre and made sure that we saw everything and read all of the signage. One thing that we did notice was that quite a few tanks had no information sign telling you what was in the tank which was disappointing when we were there to learn. 

My favourite part by far was the ‘ray bay’. I could watch them for hours!

Southend also had a beautiful beech and sea life adventure is situated right on the sea front. Perfect for some relaxing time after all of that learning!

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  1. says:
    My kids love all things aquatic and would love to visit here some time. Its a pity some of the tanks weren't labelled as my kids would have had a million questions for me! #ctwm
    1. says:
      Yeah, it was a shame but still a lovely day out :-)
  2. Nice that you can come and go in the day. Looks a great day out. #CTWM
    1. says:
      Yes I did think that was a good positive for the centre
  3. says:
    We love Sea Life Centres, not been to Southend yet but really should as it's just down the coast! What a great experience to learn at as well. #CTWM

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