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Resolutions 14/15

Last year I set myself three new year resolutions which I’m ashamed to say that I failed big time to complete!

I set myself the challenges of 1) Giving up smoking.
                                                2) Losing a minimum of three stone in weight.
                                                3) Opening up a new business.

I did give up smoking but then I went back to it and have been smoking every day since returning to uni!

I did not manage to lose any weight this year, if anything I think that I’ve put a few pounds on!

Life has changed a lot since I wrote resolution number three and I no longer want to start up my own business as I have returned to uni to do a degree in social work so this one is not really relevant any more!

So, as you can see, I have not managed to complete a single one! However, as I am an eternal optimist, I am going to set myself some new goals for this year and hope that I do much better at completing them!

My 2015 new years resolutions!

1) To give up smoking!! This year must be the year that I actually do it as I’ve been trying for so long and I need to do it for my health and also for financial reasons as they are so expensive!

2) To lose a minimum of two stones. I thought that after completely failing last years three stone goal I would lower the goal posts and hope that I manage to do it this time. I have much more then two stone to lose altogether but it would be a start and they do say that the longer it takes to lose the weight, the longer it will stay off!

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  1. says:
    Good luck! Giving up anything addictive is hard but if you have done it before then you're more than strong enough :) xxx
  2. says:
    Thank you so much Jay :-) xxx

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