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Ideas to help your family reconnect

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Running a family (and a homestead) is very difficult. It takes time, energy, enthusiasm, and sometimes, for you to suppress your inner urges to lose your temper! Hey, no one said bringing people into the world would be easy. However, they did say it would be worth it, over and over again. That always holds true if you have loved ones to take care of.

However, families are not ‘static things’. People grow and change and outside influences can impact our lives. This means that over time, just like any relationship between people, you can grow apart. It can be hard to think how you can reconnect as a family.  Using your time, energy, and finances to improve the daily experience of everyone within the household is possible? Not only is it possible but it is well worth the effort.

In this post, we hope to suggest a few goals that can help you feel a sense of growth and renewed connections. Something as simple as bringing the family together to sit at the family table and eat dinner can help improve the relationships between you all. If you want to reconnect as a family, that’s a great place to start.

A New Vehicle

Of course, a new vehicle can often mean that your transportation becomes smoother and more enjoyable. You need to think about what vehicle may be appropriate for your growing family? If you’ve been squeezing into a small city hatchback for some time, a Vauxhall Combo Life 7 seater may give you the space you need to relax. It can even give you the means to transport others tagging along with your family too. Perhaps the grandparents or if your children have friends staying over. If a new vehicle is something that the whole family can get excited about then it can bring you closer together. If you discuss the shared goal, you can all brainstorm ideas on reducing the family budget to accommodate the extra cost. Working together to meet a shared goal is a great way to reconnect. 

More quality Time Together

It’s important to spend quality time with your family, especially if you are wanting to reconnect. We have already given the dinner table example, but it can also be nice to head out on picnics with your family or organise a movie night. It could be as basic as simply purchasing a table and a set of stools for people to have conversations in the kitchen more easily. The more you can ensure that your family is an open, communicative network of friends, rather than a hierarchy of separated individuals, you’ll find that your bonds will grow. This becomes more and more relevant as your children get older.

Celebrate the little things

Don’t be afraid to celebrate something, even if the justification for doing so doesn’t seem as milestone-worthy as others. Perhaps your family has broken up from school for the summer, or someone has overcome illness. Maybe your daughter has found her first job, which is a real achievement, especially in these times! When you celebrate these things you show that you are all on the same team. There’s nothing more powerful than having your family behind you and rooting for you. 

When you spend time looking at ways to celebrate together as a family and have fun together, it makes life for everyone more enjoyable. Making changes in family life may not always be welcomed at first as change is scary, especially for children. However, putting in some time and effort with some consistency will be well worth it in the end. We hope that this post has given you a few ideas to get you started. 

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