Reading eggs review

I was approached a few weeks ago to try a new reading program called Reading eggs and I have to say it really is fab!

Reading eggs is for children aged 3-7 years and is a great fun way to help your child learn or improve their reading.

When we started we were given the option of taking a fun test to find the correct level of your child or you can just start from the beginning. As Faith had just turned six but had been told that she was behind the average levels at the last parents evening we had been too I decided to get Faith to take the test. I must admit, the word test did make me worry a little, but I was soon put at ease as the test is a series of games and activities so your child will not even realise that they are taking a test.

You are then put onto a map and there are lessons along the map so that you are following a path to get to the end of the map.

Each lesson has been very enjoyable for Faith, she loves doing her reading eggs and gets very excited when she knows we will be doing a lesson.

Since starting the program Faith’s reading has really improved and the latest parents evening at school showed that she is now on target with the rest of the class. I honestly feel that some of this is down to the reading eggs program.

There is lot’s more to keep your child occupied alongside the lessons as well with more games and things to explore.

If you would like to try the reading eggs program yourself or find out some more information you can do so by visiting their website You can also extend the standard two week trial by using the code UKB26RET so that you can use the program for 4 weeks for free.

I was given a free five week trial for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says:
    It sounds brilliant. Anything that captures the imagination of kids to help them read has to be good!
  2. says:
    I am so keen on encouraging kids to read and do a review each Saturday. This looks great as it is teaching both reading and computer literacy so double bonus hey!
  3. says:
    I have heard of reading eggs before - such a great idea. I like the fact it's reading but also computers too which are both important thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies
  4. says:
    Yes that's what I think :-)
  5. says:
    Your right, I hadn't thought of that! :-)
  6. says:
    Thanks Michelle :-)
  7. says:
    Hi, It looks interesting but can you tell me does it use British or American English for spellings?

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